Heartwarming TikTok trend sees users share videos of trans loved ones to battle transphobic hate

Activists let off smoke bombs in the trans flag colours in protest of the government's treatment of trans people.

Children of trans parents are sharing their love for trans family members in a new TikTok trend which aims to tackle anti-trans hate.

It has been inspired, in part, by recent comments made by British prime minister Rishi Sunak about the trans community.

On 4 October, Sunak stated misgendering trans people is “common sense”. The PM was previously caught on camera making jokes at the expense of trans people, laughing about “women having penises” and mocking Lib Dem leader Ed Davey for supporting trans rights.

Amid trans lives becoming a punchline for Tory MPs in the House of Commons and a political football in the US, the children of trans parents are taking to TikTok to stand against transphobia. 

The posts use audio which combines anti-trans statements from Sunak’s speech and others that have made transphobic remarks, such as a teacher who appeared on Dr Phil who said: “Men do not menstruate, only women menstruate.”

‘We only ask for your basic human respect’

In a TikTok posted on Tuesday (10 October), captioned “trans people are just people”, user Quincy shared a moving range of family photos.

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The post introduces their 52-year-old trans dad and through a slideshow of photos they praise him and introduce viewers to some of the things he loves, such as “Halloween and fall”. 

“He’s the best dad anyone could ask for. He’s always supported me and my siblings. Trans people are people like us. We only ask for your basic human respect,” the post adds.

Comments under it share joy at seeing an older trans person live authentically. 

“I’ve never really seen older transmascs, and it makes my heart so happy,” one comment reads.

Another says: “I love seeing older trans men. It give me hope that I can be someone’s goofy dad some day”. 

‘My dad isn’t scary’

In another TikTok, captioned “I love my dad”, a teen called Isabella shared her trans stepdad, Austin, with users. 

Isabella shared all of the things her dad loves, including dogs, and all of the things he is, such as a father, son, brother, uncle and husband.

In overlayed text, she adds: “Austin deserves to feel safe wherever he goes.

“Some people think that he isn’t human. That he’s a predator … that he is a woman.”

The TikTok concludes: “My dad isn’t scary. Protect trans lives.”

Users commented on the video to say it had made them cry, with many saying it made them “so happy”. 

One comment said: “Seeing a trans dad makes me, a transmasc teen, a little more hopeful of my survival. Thank you both.” 

“I’ve never seen a trans man all grown up in normal family pictures like this and this is making me cry,” another comment said.

The same audio has also been used by others to share their trans friends and family.

TikToker Andrew posted about his trans boyfriend, Landon. Text placed over an image of him read: “Landon isn’t scary. But he’s scared of people who don’t believe in his existence.”

Others have responded to Sunak’s comment by posting on TikTok to share that they are trans, which doesn’t make them scary, but instead scared.

‘When did I become a threat?’

One TikToker posted a video saying they’re a trans man in the UK, adding “right now I’m scared”.

In the clip, they say they’re a “boyfriend, brother and friend” and like all the same things as other people. The clip ends with a photo of their pet rat and the text: “When did I become a threat?”

Another video, posted on Thursday (12 October) by a user named Matthew, includes the text: “I promise you, I am not scary.”

Matthew shared that he has never seen a trans person harass a woman and condemned Sunak for “bashing a whole community based of opinions and fears of things he ‘thinks’ will happen”.