Eddie Izzard says Volodymyr Zelensky is an inspiration for her wanting to become a Labour MP

Tom Daley is joined by Eddie Izzard for a portion of his running leg during day 4 of his endurance challenge on February 17, 2022.

Comedian Eddie Izzard has pledged to run as a Labour MP candidate after being inspired by Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky.

The comic, actor and LGBTQ+ activist talked about her political history, including a wish to become an MP, during an episode of My Seven Wonders with Clive Anderson.

During the podcast, she outlined how for some time she had wanted to run as a Labour candidate for parliament and is now just waiting until a suitable seat is up for grabs.

“I will try very hard to get there and I hope the people of the constituency will elect me,” she said. “I am very serious about it – I have said it since 2010, quite categorically.”

When Anderson rebutted saying the public might be tired of leadership comedians, she cited Zelensky as an exception to the rule, saying: “Volodymyr Zelensky, there you go. Have I answered you? He’s been very strong. Very consistent.”

Eddie Izzard is looking to gain a seat in the Sheffield Central constituency after Paul Blomfield steps down next year, according to a Labour source who told The Star: “It’s quite a dream of a seat and I imagine lots of people will put their name forward.”

The star reaffirmed her political dedication in March 2021, saying she planned to win a Labour seat in the next general election, during an interview with The Guardian.

“I’m not mucking about with this. I’m going in. If something goes wrong, if I stand in a by-election and I don’t get in, I’ll still go on,” she said. “It doesn’t really matter because I am a relentless b*****d.”

Her reasons for entering politics seem to be as an anchor point for centre beliefs in the party, saying that without “moderate people” the political parties are left “to egotistical extremists who are happy to lie”.

“Moderates have to go in. I’m a radical and a moderate,” she said. “I do radical things, but my politics are moderate.

“I perform in French, German and Spanish as well as English when I’m a stand-up, so that’s slightly radical. And I’m radical because I came out as transgender. I’ve run about 130 marathons for charity. That’s slightly radical.”

Previously, the star had also said she would like to run for the Mayor of London. The 59-year-old told The Radio Times: “People say, ‘well, you’re a bit woolly’ and ‘you’re really not informed’; ‘you’re not this’ and ‘you’re not that’.

“But I realise those attacks are going to happen and you have to push through to get to a better place,” she continued.

Outside of politics, the comedian has been a profound activist for trans rights, having shared her own history of exploring her gender identity while ensuring those who still aren’t ready to come out still feel valid.

“I must have been four or five, and there was laughter, mocking,” Eddie Izzard said. “I remember thinking, ‘That sounds pretty good to me, I’d be quite happy to be a girl, what’s going on there?’”