Suzy Eddie Izzard ‘determined’ to be an MP, she tells Jimmy Fallon

Suzy Eddie Izzard has insisted that she is going to be “relentless” about becoming an MP, and thinks everyone in the world should have “a fair chance in life”. 

Appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday (16 January), to speak about her upcoming one-woman performance of Hamlet, Izzard said she’s a “determined” and “relentless” person, who is still pushing for a career in politics.

The actress and comedian failed in her bid to be selected as the Labour candidate in the Brighton Pavilion and Sheffield Central constituencies in 2022 and 2023. 

“I think everyone in the world has the right to a fair chance in life. That’s what I’m fighting for,” she told Fallon on the late-night talk show. “And I’ll fight for it in Britain or fight for it in America or fight for it all around the world.”

Speaking about her one-woman show in New York, in which she will be performing as 23 different characters, Izzard said: “It’s developing the confidence, the guts, the confidence on the street… that’s helped me playing Hamlet, and playing all the other characters in Hamlet.

“I’ve developed this gut confidence from performing on the street when no one wanted to watch you, and then into stand-up comedy after that, then into acting.”

The actor has previously accused the Tories of starting a “culture war” against trans people, and attempting to “divide and conquer” people over the community.

“You could hear the meeting in your mind of the Tories sitting down and saying: ‘We’ve got to stoke up people, keep saying culture war’,” she said in an interview with PoliticsJoe.

“It’s not there. There are people who are out and proud and positive, LGBTQ people have been coming out for years. I came out almost 40 years ago, how much notice do people need?”

Continuing her criticism of right-wing politicians, Izzard told Fallon that the “further and further right wing” you get, the more “fearful and suspicious” you become, adding: “Try [to] be brave, try [to] be curious, and we’ll make the world work.”