Cher pays truly bizarre tribute to Queen Elizabeth II: ‘This is too much to handle’

side-by-side photos of Cher and the late Queen Elizabeth II

Cher confused the entire internet when she a shared truly bizarre tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II.

The Queen’s death on Thursday (8 September), sparked emotional tributes from a wide range of celebrities, and sent the country into a period of national mourning that will last 10 days.

Cher joined Elton John and Stephen Fry in posting to social media to remember Queen Elizabeth, tweeting: “Am Sad About The Passing Of Queen Elizabeth II. I Had Honor Of Meeting Her.

“I Was In Long Line of Ppl Waiting 2 Meet Her, Yet When She Got 2 Me, She Asked Me Pertinent Questions, & Seemed Genuinely Interested In Talking 2 Me.”

The tribute started off, even with Cher’s signature writing style, fairly normal. That was before she added: “I’m Proud She Was a ? & Happy She Had a Great Sense Of Humor.”

“Cher paying tribute to the Queen and accidentally calling her an ox is too much to handle today,” wrote one Twitter user.

Another said: “It wouldn’t be a Cher tweet if there weren’t some small detail that made you go …huh, that’s a thinker.”

Followers were extremely confused as to why Cher had described the queen as a cow or an ox, with some thinking it was a reference to the Queen’s famous love of cows, and others believing Cher had used the wrong emoji, meaning to describe the late monarch as the GOAT.

But finally social media solved the riddle, realising that Queen Elizabeth, like Cher, was a taurus.

“For a moment I was shocked that Cher had called our Queen a cow,” wrote a Twitter user.

“Thankfully I read the comments where the [emoji] was explained and realised she meant a Taurus.”

Queen Elizabeth II’s sun sign was in Taurus at 0°, making her the most Taurus Taurus possible. She was also Capricorn rising with a Leo moon.