Drag Race’s The Vivienne speaks out against anti-LGBTQ+ bills: ‘A world without drag is unthinkable’

The Drag Race star spoke out against the bills. (Getty)

The Vivienne has spoken out against anti-LGBTQ+ bills in the US, some of which have banned drag artists from performing. 

The RuPaul’s Drag Race season one winner has rejected the anti-drag laws in the US, the first of which was passed in Tennessee in 2023. Since then, a series of bills attacking the right for drag artists to perform were passed across the States, including Arkansas and Idaho, according to TIME Magazine.

In a first-person piece for Attitude Magazine, the drag star recalled her 15-year-long legacy on the show, as well as what the series means to her and LGBTQ+ viewers.

“The battle for acceptance and representation is ongoing,” she wrote. “In a world where drag storytimes and classroom diversity are under attack, the importance of visibility and representation is more crucial than ever.”

“That’s why the show’s powerful messages about supporting our community resonate deeply with so many, highlighting the need for visibility in combating societal prejudices.”

She added: “Despite the glamour and glitter, drag remains a potent political statement. Its existence challenges traditional norms and continues to encounter opposition. But for the next generation, a world without drag is unthinkable.”

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In February last year, fellow Drag Race star Jinkx Monsoon also condemned drag bans after Tenessee advanced the bill into law. 

Republican senators approved the bill in 2023, making the state the first to make it an offence for “male and female impersonators” to perform “on public property” or where they could be seen by minors. 

The bill banned drag artists from performing outdoors at brunches or festivals, while events such as Drag Queen Story Hour would be disallowed for children.

Responding to the law, Drag Race winner Jinkx Monsoon shared a map on Instagram, highlighting how states across the country were progressing with anti-drag legislation.

“Last night my heart was broken as I learned that Tennessee’s anti-drag/trans bill passed. I really had more faith,” Jinkx began at the time.

Jinkx continued: “We are fighting an uphill battle as a direct result of the progress we have made – [against] the insidious efforts of the conservative right (and well, ALL Republicans at this point, you f**king evil cowards). I want to be angry, and yell, and scream.

“I wanna dismantle every press outlet that continues to give a resounding voice to vitriol and bigotry.”