‘Amazing’ gay teacher died by suicide after weeks of homophobic abuse from twisted stalker

Simon Cremen

Tributes have flooded in for gay teacher Simon Cremen who tragically took his own life after being relentlessly abused by a homophobic stalker. 

On 6 June last year Cremen ended his life after being subjected to vile and sustained harassment which included homophobic threats and verbal abuse from Darren Capers.

Capers hate campaign also included threats to bomb Cremen’s house and the relentless abuse resulted in the teacher being too terrified to leave his home. 

Cremen, who worked at John Whitgift Academy in Grimsby, was a much-loved teacher and a prominent gay rights activist. 

Following his death those who knew Cremen have paid tribute to him, remembering him as an “amazing” and “extremely likeable” person.

Darren Capers was jailed for four years for stalking Simon Cremen who tragically took his own life. (Humberside Police)

Katie Burton, a friend of Cremen, said: “Simon was a close friend of mine for many years, he was very special to me and many others. Simon was extremely likeable, always looked after others and cheered the whole room up. 

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“His daily motto was ‘diva own the day’. He put a brave face on to the world despite how he felt inside. He dedicated his life to others.”

Burton said the passionate LGBTQ+ activist “treated everybody so special”, despite often being targeted with homophobic abuse for being gay. 

“He often suffered from the nasty tongue of the public, but brushed it off and stood tall. 

“He really was a special, individual person and I feel so lucky to have been a part of his life and enjoy special antics with him.

“The greatest gift of all was to have been his friend and I will sorely miss him forever.”

Cremen dedicated his free time to Pride festivals and groups across the country, including Northern Pride and Bi-Pride, where he was UK Prides manager. 

In memory of Cremen Bi Pride named a sensory room after him in a bid to ensure his name is remembered. The room is a space where people can relax away from the busy event. 

This year the group took to Instagram to honour Cremen on the year anniversary of his death. 

“He was a fierce ally of the bi and trans communities, and he was passionate about improving access for marginalised parts of those communities.” 

The group described Cremen to Grimsby Live as “flamboyant, passionate and larger than life”.

“We’re all aching from the hole left behind with his passing.

“There is no replacement for a person like Simon, and we’ve taken so much comfort in the outpouring of love across the community since his death. It’s so clear how loved Simon was and is.”

They continued: “I have a few reflections on what I’ve learned from Simon as he strutted gloriously through his life tragically cut short.

“As well as being visibly proud and fabulous, Simon worked unbelievably hard at getting us to as many Prides across the UK as was possible (both when Prides were physical and now that they’re currently mostly virtual), and the true impact of all of it will never be truly measurable.”

Northern Pride said: “We are deeply saddened by the loss of Simon from our beautiful community. 

“Simon supported Bi Pride UK’s attendances at our Northern Pride Festivals and we are sending our love and support to the team, and of course all of Simon’s friends and family.”

Capers was convicted of stalking Cremen and was jailed for four years. 

Humberside Police have since called for victims suffering similar abuse to come forward.