We’ve got our first look at adult Van in Yellowjackets season 2 – wolf-bite scars and all


Emmy-nominated survival series Yellowjackets, which follows a high school football team lost in the wilderness, is back after half-time with new cast members joining the pack.

The highly-anticipated second season is expected to continue tracing the stories of both the chaotic teenage survivors of the plane crash and their equally dysfunctional adult selves in the present day as they grapple with what went down in the forest nearly 25 years ago.

The character of Vanessa ‘Van’ Palmer (played by Liv Hewson) whose teenage version survived all manner of grisly trauma in season one including a brutal wolf attack, has been given ‘main character’ status this time around, with Lauren Ambrose joining the cast as adult Van.

Now, we’ve got our first look at the fan favourite.

In a series of new images released to Entertainment Weekly, Ambrose’s older Van can be seen with wolf bite scars across her face.

The caption reads: “And you thought Van was six feet under.” Van has previously been referred to as the show’s most “unkillable” character, and it seems likely that season two will continue to test her resilience.

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The reveal is particularly important, as not every member of the Yellowjackets clan survived to adulthood. Ambrose’s involvement confirms that Van is one of the ‘lucky’ few to make it to the just-as-deadly battle ground of the present day.

The young Lottie Matthews (played by Courtney Eaton) is also set to feature heavily in the second instalment, with Simone Kessell cast as the older version.

Elijah Wood is also reported to have joined the cast to act as a dedicated Citizen Detective who works alongside Christina Ricci’s manipulative Misty.

The four queen bees are also all returning for season two – Christina Ricci and Melanie Lynskey will return to their Emmy-nominated roles as the adult versions of Misty Quigley and Shauna Shipman. Juliette Lewis is also back as Natalie Scatorccio and Tawny Cyprus as Taissa Taylor.

Liv Hewson as teen Van and Jasmin Savoy Brown as teen Taissa in Yellowjackets (Showtime)

The second series of the show, which is part psychological horror and part coming-of-age drama, was immediately greenlit following the critical and commercial success of the first, and you can bet the nefarious goings-on are far from over.

According to the official Yellowjackets Twitter, we “won’t be hungry much longer”. As ominous as it is informative, the second series will be released 24 March, 2023.