The White Lotus fan favourite character returning to season 3 – and fans have plenty of theories

Natasha Rothwell's Belinda will return to The White Lotus.

Rest in peace to Jennifer Coolidge’s Tanya, but The White Lotus has a new recurring resident checking in. Natasha Rothwell’s Belinda is officially returning for season three of Mike White’s dark comedy series.

In season one, Belinda plays the spa manager at the White Lotus resort in Hawaii, who strikes up an odd relationship with the financially rich, emotionally poor Tanya, who is grieving her mother.

Tanya promises to help Belinda fund her very own wellness centre, but when Belinda gathers the courage to pull together a business plan, Tanya is too preoccupied with charming fellow resident Greg – the man who then, in season two, goes on to plot her death.

Belinda is absent from season two, with no word on what happened to her, but what fans do know is that Tanya gave Belinda an envelope full of cash.

Multiple sources confirmed the news to Variety, with Rothwell then confirming herself that she’ll be coming back to the multi award-winning series.

The actress also confirmed that she will be playing Belinda again, rather than a whole new character.

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“My heart is full! Words cannot even begin to express how excited, grateful and humbled I am to have the chance to breathe life into Belinda once again,” she wrote in a tweet.

“Thank you for the outpouring of love and support today. I am overwhelmed, overjoyed and over the f**king moon!”

Despite the lack of information around Belinda’s returning storyline, fans have plenty of thoughts about how they think it should go.

Considering the official confirmation that the third season of The White Lotus would be moving to Thailand, some fans are speculating that she will have her very own wellness retreat in the country.

A common fan theory is that, while Tanya lost interest in helping Belinda on her entrepreneurial journey, she instead left all of her money to the spa manager in her will.

“I hope she’s the main character (by main character I mean like Tanya). I hope she sets out for revenge and avenges Tanya and gets Greg,” one fan said.

Others simply have a message for Belinda: stay away from the hotel’s rich, white and obnoxious guests.

“Belinda please do not trust any white people. And if any of them promise you something, secured their money first and run away,” one fan wrote.

Rothwell, who has also starred in films including Love, Simon and Wonder Woman 1984 and TV series Brooklyn Nine-Nine, was nominated for a supporting actress Emmy for her role in The White Lotus.

The White Lotus has won nearly 40 awards in total across just two seasons, including two Golden Globes and 10 Emmys.

No release date has been confirmed for The White Lotus season three.