Scandal-hit Republican George Santos stepping down from house committees amid calls to resign

George Santos in a blue suit, white shirt and yellow tie

Republican congressman George Santos has announced he will temporarily step down from two congressional committees following a series of allegations against him. 

Despite controversy surrounding Santos and claims he lied about his history, he was assigned to serve on the small business and the science, space and technology house committees, both of which he has announced he will no longer serve on.

The announcement comes a day after Santos’ meeting with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

McCarthy refused to disclose their conversation, but told reporters at Capitol “you’ll see”, AP News reports.

It also follows numerous calls for the gay Republican’s resignation due to him facing multiple investigations over his personal and campaign finances and lies about his resume and family background.

The allegations about George Santos’ work and educational background were first made in a damning New York Times report in December, which reported many claims about his past were untrue.

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Later that month he admitted he didn’t graduate from any institution of higher learning or work directly for either Goldman Sachs or Citigroup – despite previous claims to the contrary.

He also said he “never claimed to be Jewish” but instead said he was “Jew-ish”. 

‘The appropriate thing to do’

An investigation into Santos’ various lies was opened on 28 December by district attorney Anne Donnelly, who said she wished to examine whether he had broken any campaign finance rules during his candidacy.

In response to his latest announcement Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green told reporters at the Capitol Santos “just felt like it was the appropriate thing to do.”

Oklahoma representative Tom Cole told reporters the decision was well-received. 

He added: “I think it was the appropriate thing to do and I was proud of him for getting up and doing this.”

Santos is expected to issue a statement later today (31 January). 

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