Pedro Pascal and Bad Bunny’s surprise SNL appearance sends gays into frenzy: ‘I’m in love’

Pedro Pascal (left) and Bad Bunny (right) during the opening monologue of Saturday Night Live

Grammy-winning musician Bad Bunny made his Saturday Night Live (SNL) hosting debut over the weekend – alongside guests Lady Gaga, Mick Jagger and Pedro Pascal – with a lively family reunion skit and a Spanglish debacle.

Puerto Rican superstar Bad Bunny – who recently made his acting debut in Cassandro – took the coveted SNL hosting gig on Saturday (October 21).

The “Yo Perreo Sola” singer used his opening monologue to touch on the historic issues he has faced as a Latin American celebrity; from having his English-speaking abilities doubted to the incident at the 2023 Grammys where his lyrics were captioned “singing in non-English”.

The 29-year-old singer recruited the help of a surprise guest during his SNL monologue in the form of the internet’s resident daddy, The Last of Us sensation and fellow Puerto Rican star, Pedro Pascal.

Pedro Pascal (L) and Bad Bunny (R) on SNL. (NBC)
Pedro Pascal (L) and Bad Bunny (R) on Saturday Night Live. (NBC)

After a warm embrace, Pascal – who scored an Emmy nomination after hosting during the previous season of SNL back in February – was recruited to help translate Bad Bunny’s speech into English, with chaotic results.

As Pascal offersed advice to the singer about what to say, there were some witty jokes made about Bad Bunny’s trademark good looks.

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Later in the episode, Pascal returned to reprise his successful “overprotective mom” sketch in which he plays a smothering mother dressed in a short grey wig and pink cardigan. This time around, he was joined by Bad Bunny, who donned a brunette wig, fake cleavage, square red glasses and a pattered purple-pink top to play auntie Tia Rosa.

In the latest skit, the overbearing mum and aunt duo meet Casey (Chloe Troast), the girlfriend of son Luis (Marcello Hernández), and ruthlessly grill her. However, the tide turns when Casey checks to make sure Luis is eating enough, immediately winning over Rosa and the mother’s heart.

Last time Pascal (Strange Way of Life) took to the SNL stage, he broke social media after performing a sketch nodding to his title as the internet’s “cool, slutty” daddy opposite the mother herself, Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story).

And this time round is no different, with fans raving about Pascal and Bad Bunny’s dynamic appearance.

“Pedro Pascal just joined Bad Bunny on the SNL stage to help translate his monologue, and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a sexier pairing tbh,” one fan wrote.

Pedro Pascal has several projects in the work, including the second season of The Last of Us opposite Bella Ramsey and Gladiator 2 opposite Paul Mescal.