Preacher calls LGBTQ+ people ‘filthy’ in vile homophobic rant at Sydney WorldPride

Mohammed Shaar

A Muslim preacher in Australia told Uber drivers to “fear Allah” and urged them not to work during WorldPride in Sydney.

Mohamed Shaar called gay people “filthy”, adding that LGBTQ+ people will go to hell.

Shaar, who also works as a natural healer at the Sydney Ruqyah Centre, was responding to Uber’s Pride Ride scheme that helped visitors get around safely during the 17 days of celebrations.

The scheme offered free bus services and featured entertainment from Drag Race Down Under stars Etcetera Etcetera and Coco Jumbo.

In a rant on his Facebook profile, Shaar said: “Shame on this human race shame, on this government that shows this filthy people.”

The preacher regularly airs anti-LGBTQ+ views on his social media pages, recently sharing a video by the BBC reporting a law in Russia that bans any mention of LGBTQ+ people.

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In a response to the video, Shaar said “Good on Russia.”

Playing along with the archaic comparison that LGBTQ+ culture is harmful to children, Shaar posted an advert in support of a protest that supposedly aimed to “protect” youngsters from LGBTQ+ people.

Urging followers to share an anti-LGBTQ+ poster if they cared about children in Australia, Shaar went on to say that LGBTQ+ people are followers of satan.

As WorldPride kicked off on 17 February, he went on another rant, saying: “Today marks the first day of the curse of Allah, yes and for the next 13 days and inshallah till end of times.”

He added much-used phrase that it’s “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve”.

In 2021, Shaar even claimed that COVID 19 didn’t exist – before falling ill with the Delta strain and being hospitalised. He claimed it was just a cold.

A spokesperson from Sydney Queer Muslims responded to Shaar’s comments by saying: “For those of us queer Muslims who have stayed with the faith, do so by developing and strengthening our personal relationship with God.

“That reconciliation has been through research… and an interpretation that aligns with the values that the Quran brings, which is mercy, compassion and justice. We pray that our haters will find peace.”


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Sydney’s event celebrated the LGBTQ+ community successfully, although some incidents raised concerns.

Drag queen Penny Tration was reportedly refused service by a number of taxi drivers after leaving a bingo event during the Pride festivities.

A video filmed by one of her fans shows the drag performer trying to get in a taxi after leaving a bingo event. She later claimed to have been pushed over.

Witnesses rushed to console the performer and the video has been inundated with messages of support.