42 thoughts I had watching Drag Race season 15, episode 13: ‘What is Jennifer Coolidge doing here?’

Drag Race Makeover recap

Drag Race enters its top four era after chopping yet another queen who performed very well in the perennially rigged makeover challenged.

The queens are challenged with giving school teachers a ‘drag family resemblance’ in the dreaded makeover challenge, which has provided more riggory and stunts over the years than any other Drag Race maxi-challenge combined.

A shady mini-challenge is dropped at just the right time to deliver one of the final, devastating blows to Loosey Laduca’s psyche, which results in a particularly hard to watch episode and exit.

There’s also the actual makeover challenge results, the likes of which we haven’t seen since season six’s female gremlin bride, à la Joslyn Foxx. Who knew that the first time Jennifer Coolidge appeared on Drag Race, it wouldn’t be Jennifer Coolidge

Here are 42 thoughts I had while watching episode 13 of RuPaul’s Drag Raceseason 15.

  • As a mirror message, Salina’s “guess I got what I deserved” is so iconic. I wasn’t a huge EsTitties fan at the start of the season, but I don’t think she should have been in the bottom at least twice out of four, and I can already feel the absences of her breasts.
  • Loosey’s entirely correct – she shouldn’t have been in the bottom last week!
  • Sasha saying “let’s get rowdy” is so cute.
  • I just remembered Luxx’s TED Talk about why she hates loves everyone apart from Loosey. That was wild.
  • Why did season 14 do a top five? That was weird.
  • I will say, I don’t think we’ve had a top five such an interesting dynamic, or with such obvious conflict since like … season seven? Season 11? I’m into it.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills’s president – who, in a shocking turn of events, is not called Anastasia – is presiding over this mini-challenge, during which Ru asks increasingly shady questions and the queens have to vote for who they think is the right answer. What could go wrong?
  • Mistress is voted funniest, shadiest, most like to steal and hairiest, Loosey gets smartest, Sasha gets most likely to steal your man, Luxx is most likely to have sugar daddy.
  • Norvina saying Alexis Mateo catchphrases in the blandest, most uninterested voice is sending me into orbit. Mama is there to cash a cheque and for that, I salute her.
  • Here’s how I predict this will go. Ru asks “which queen is going home next?” Everyone is going to vote for Loosey, she’ll win and get an advantage in the maxi-challenge, try and screw over Luxx, but because production are determined to turn this season of Drag Race into Loosey’s own personal Guantanamo Bay, they’ll put the pair in the bottom two and send Laduca home. Bookmark this.
  • It’s the makeover challenge – and in the makeup chairs this season are some gorgeous middle school teachers!
  • Here’s what I hate about the makeover challenge: its parameters are looser than me after streaming “Let Loose” by Loosey Laduca, so production can just shoehorn it in when they want to send someone home, because the judges can basically just make up critiques from non-existent criteria to land whoever in the bottom two. I’m still annoyed at Dakota Schiffer’s elimination on Drag Race UK, season four.
  • Did every gay around the world have exactly the same childhood, with a fierce Drama/English teacher? I did. Shoutout to you, Mrs Quick.
  • Mistress and Luxx are pressed that Loosey is in charge of pairing the queens with a teacher and they j’absolutely should be. Get ’em Loosey. Let LOOSE.
  • There’s no outright sabotage apart from Luxx’s pairing. I live. Also, I’ll say it – I love Luxx, I think she’s sickening, she was built for reality TV, and such a clever competitor, but she knows exactly what she’s doing when she pokes Loosey.

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  • Mistress’s pairing for this season of Drag Race‘s makeover challenge is a queer art teacher – and she is GORGEOUS. She creates a safe space for her queer students and I love her.
  • So iconic to enter the Werk Room as Mrs Marchbanks and leaving as a Colby. That is Kerri Colby’s sister now.
  • Anetra has joined the Krystal Versace/Jorgeous/Crystal Methyd hall of queens that Ru is literally in love with.
  • ‘Aunt’ in an American accent is so weird.
  • Ru asking Loosey what the state of her psyche is is like watching a tiger play with a mouse. Slay from Loosey saying she didn’t give a shit about the girls saying her name, though.
  • Mrs Marchbanks is an icon. Her fav diva is Leiomy? It’s giving Ally with a capital A.
  • HUGE slay from Luxx’s teacher, Mrs Reyez, for leaving the Catholic church because they didn’t respect her queer kids.
  • Loosey is counting these mini-challenge wins like her life depends on it.
  • I cannot stop laughing at the beat on Luxx’s teacher.
  • Loosey is so right – Mistress is a Disney villain! Spiky but likeable.
  • Ferocity Colby and Sasha Colby on the runway; 10s. Love.
  • I literally though that Lala Laduca was Loosey for a second.
  • Mistress’s makeover is slightly off? I can’t put my finger on it.
  • THAT IS JENNIFER COOLIDGE. LUXX NOIR LONDON’S TEACHER HAS TURNED INTO JENNIFER COOLIDGE. OH WOWWWW. What is she doing here! Doesn’t she have gays to be murdered by?
  • Anetra slayed but what’s new!
  • The judges are pulling critiques out of their ASSES. Sorry, but the brief was ‘drag family resemblance’, which Loosey has absolutely nailed, but she’s getting read for not looking connected on stage, whereas Mistress and Madame did not look connected on stage at all, but they’re getting praised for it?
  • That woman doesn’t know who Jennifer Coolidge is? Jail.
  • This teacher lip sync looks like when a hen party crashes a gay bar.
  • ANETRA MADE HER MAKEOVER OUTFITS THAT DAY? Are we getting a two-week consecutive Anetra win?
  • WE ARE! I’ve also just had the thought that we could be getting a final lipsync for the crown between Anetra and Sasha Colby. My frail, gay body is not ready.
  • Did I not tell you that this would be the bottom two? I was in my crystal ball era.
  • Luxx popping a literal squat before the lipsync was so funny to me.
  • Does she know the words? At this point in time, I’d have to say that’s unclear. She is eating Loosey up though.
  • I feel sad for Loosey after she get’s eliminated, and she’s clearly going alllll the way through it – she’ll be back for All Stars and a nice 6th place in a few years, though.
  • THEY’RE DOING A TOP THREE AGAIN? I feel like Luxx is getting chopped and Mistress is winning next week, and then they’re going to bring Irene DuBois, Princess Poppy and Sugar back.
  • Two more weeks of recaps, girlies. Slightly strange vibe heading into the penultimate episode, just because I feel like this is the top four that everyone clocked from episode four? And 12 other queens were there for fun.

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15 airs on Fridays 8/7c on MTV in the US and will be available to watch on Wow Presents Plus on following Saturday mornings from 2am GMT in the UK.

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