Mark Ruffalo crashes queer Welsh couple’s wedding: ‘For the Hulk to turn up was pretty cool’

Mark Ruffalo, probably best known for playing The Hulk, has swapped targets from super villains to bigotry, by adorably crashing a queer Welsh couple’s wedding in New York.

Klaire Hodgson and Lynz Tanner from Gwynedd were preparing to tie the knot in Central Park, when Ruffalo – who plays Bruce Banner and his big, green, angry alter-ego in Marvel’s Avengers superhero flicks – passed by.

According to the couple, Ruffalo, who also featured in the She-Hulk TV series, took time out to wish them well and take pictures.

Tanner told BBC News: “I was like: ‘No, that’s not going to be Mark Ruffalo. He’s not going to be walking through at the time of my wedding.'”

Hodgson added that the actor “seemed genuinely happy for us”.

She said: “He obviously knew it was a wedding he was walking through. As soon as they said ‘Mark Ruffalo’ he turned around and was like, ‘Yep.'”

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Tanner went on to say that he was very sweet and: “He obviously had somewhere to go and people to see but he stopped and took a few photos.”

Klaire Hodgson and Lynz Tanner were married in New York’s Central Park.

The couple also spoke to NorthWalesLive, where they went into further detail on how Oscar-nominee Ruffalo joined the party.

Hodgson said: “All of a sudden this guy starts slowly walking over. He stopped and he’s saying ‘hello’ to us and we’re saying, ‘OK, you all right?

“I think he was waiting for us to recognise him. I noticed he had a really nice camera and I was thinking: ‘Oh, he must do photography.’ But I thought: ‘I can’t know this guy. I’m in New York, I don’t know anyone in New York.’

“He started walking down a bit and I turned around and Lynz and [best man] Kayley are looking at each other. And I said: ‘I think I know that guy’, and Lynz said: ‘Is that Mark Ruffalo?’

“He turned round and was like: ‘Hey.’ He came back over. He was absolutely lovely. He was so nice.”

The newlyweds made a spontaneous decision to get married after Hodgson, 36, flew to a conference in San Francisco then on to an event in New York where her 28-year-old fiancée joined her.

Hodgson admitted that they are both quite “nerdy” and that two days before they were married, she got a Batman tattoo on her leg, while their wedding suits featured Star Trek badges – so the importance of Ruffalo’s on-screen character was not lost on them.

“For The Hulk to turn up – of all the people, of all the genres of film or TV – to our nerdy wedding, was pretty cool” Hodgson added.

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