Conservative gets roasted online for recording bigoted temper tantrum over Pride pins in a LEGO store

Stills of a video posted by conservative John K Amanchukwu Sr where he rants about LEGO supporting the LGBTQ+ community while inside a store

An enraged conservative threw a bigoted temper tantrum after he saw some LEGO store staff wearing rainbow pins, and now he’s getting roasted online. 

The tirade began when John K Amanchukwu Sr, who describes himself as a contributor to far-right organisation Turning Point USA, went into a LEGO store and saw employees wearing kaleidoscopic Pride pins on their uniforms. 

He then pulled out his camera, started arguing with them and posted the result on his social media channels. 

Amanchukwu asked one worker if the “LEGO group supports” LGBTQ+ people, to which the employee called over another worker before replying, “Yes.” 

“But the question is, why are you all in here with those pins on?” Amanchukwu asked. “Do you think children care about what man sucks d**k at home? What girl eats vaginas at home?”

The employees then asked Amanchukwu to leave, but he doubled down and insisted he wanted a response. 

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“I don’t think they think about that, personally,” the employee responded. 

“Right, they think about it when they see your pin,” Amanchukwu said. 

The employee insisted kids don’t think about that before telling Amanchukwu to leave again, and Amanchukwu weakly threatened to tell security that the workers were “in here wearing Pride flags”.

Security soon arrived, but Amanchukwu continued to rant about “grooming” before equating wearing LGBTQ+ Pride pins to “borderline pedophilia” and “child abuse”. 

The security guard told Amanchukwu to leave the store, and he vowed not to spend any more money on LEGO – truly a terrifying threat to a billion-dollar company that has thrown its support behind the LGBTQ+ community before

The clip has been widely viewed – and lambasted – on Twitter after it was shared by Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk. Kirk has promoted numerous conspiracy theories and “demonised the transgender community”, as noted by the Anti-Defamation League.

Amanchukwu didn’t win any sympathy points online, and people on Twitter came out in force to slam his video. 

Social media users pointed out that the LEGO staffers were literally just doing their job while Amanchukwu – who was ranting about sexual acts and “grooming” – was the one actually being inappropriate in a toy store surrounded by children. 

A LEGO Group spokesperson told Newsweek that the “safety, wellbeing and security” of staff is the company’s “absolute priority”, and they won’t “tolerate abuse of any kind”. 

“We are committed to building a more kind, empathetic and understanding society now, and for future generations and stand by all our colleagues who do that every day by making everyone feel welcome in our stores,” the spokesperson added. 

PinkNews has reached out to John K Amanchukwu Sr for comment.