Broadcaster Chris Hayes obliterates ‘authoritarian’ Ron DeSantis over gender-affirming care

Ron DeSantis and Chris Hayes

MSNBC host Chris Hayes has slammed Florida governor Ron DeSantis, calling his recent ban on gender-affirming care in the state “authoritarian”. 

DeSantis signed five new anti-LGBTQ+ bills into law on Wednesday (17 May), including a ban on gender-affirming care for trans youth, restrictions on trans people using bathrooms and a ban on public drag shows. 

Speaking on MSNBC, Hayes described DeSantis’ ban on gender-affirming care in Florida as “authoritarian”, adding that several anti-LGBTQ+ bills enacted in the state are “the opposite of freedom”. 

“Ron DeSantis is running on an authoritarian agenda,” Hayes said. 

“Telling parents how they can or cannot raise their own children is among the most authoritarian things that a government can do. 

“And now that is exactly what Ron DeSantis and the Republican Party in Florida, and generally the conservative movement that endorses this, are doing purely for ideological and punitive purposes.”

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The broadcaster added that politicians who preach about “freedom” while cracking down on abortion, banning books, and raging against mask-wearing during the Covid-19 pandemic is a “sick irony”. 

“You may not like it [gender-affirming care], but you know what? It’s none of your goddamn business,” Hayes said.

A Florida parent was also seen speaking on the MSNBC show, claiming that DeSantis is “discriminating against trans children” with the ban on gender-affirming healthcare.

The parent, Jennifer Soloman, said: “I have a governor who was elected to address issues that he did not.

“He has decided to come into my home and make decisions that are supposed to be between myself and my child’s doctor, and I don’t remember Ron DeSantis getting a medical degree.

“The three major medical associations all agree that this is safe medical care for our children … it is complete discrimination against trans children.”

She added that cisgender children can still be prescribed puberty blockers in Florida for issues including precocious puberty (when children go through puberty at a very early age), representing “discrimination” towards trans children. 

Research shows that trans people who have access to gender-affirming healthcare are significantly less likely to experience depression and anxiety and consider suicide than those who are barred from accessing such treatments. 

Studies have also found that trans youth report an increase in positive emotions, life satisfaction and self-confidence when they have access to hormone therapy.

Ron DeSantis is reportedly planning to launch his 2024 presidential campaign during Pride month in June. However, he has not yet confirmed or denied that he will be running. 

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