Ron DeSantis accuses Libs of TikTok of ‘lying’ for clicks

A headshot of Ron DeSantis looking upset during an event.

Ron DeSantis has accused Libs of TikTok of “lying” about state laws in Florida in a recent social media post.

The Republican governor of Florida took aim at the right-wing social media account’s founder Chaya Raichik after she shared a post on Wednesday (13 March) that claimed three Guatemalan men had been arrested for allegedly kidnapping and sexually assaulting a Florida woman, the Daily Beast reported.

In the X/Twitter post, Raichik claimed that Florida “also gives illegals driver’s licences,” which is not correct, according to a Florida statute added in a community note.

In response to the post, former presidential candidate DeSantis claimed that Libs of TikTok was “lying” about the law in its attempt to “generate clicks and engagement”.

“Libs of TikTok got community noted for lying about [Florida] law, which not only prohibits illegal aliens from getting driver’s licences but also prohibits recognition of licences issued to illegal aliens from other states,” DeSantis said.

“Truth shouldn’t be a casualty of attempts to generate clicks and engagement farm.”

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A still of Chaya Raichik, LibsOfTikTok founder, on Fox New wearing a pink top and smiling
Libs of TikTok founder Chaya Raichik has angered Florida governor Ron DeSantis. (YouTube)

Libs of TikToks is infamous for targeting pro-LGBTQ+ activists and institutions. At least 28 institutions, events and individuals that have been highlighted by Libs of TikTok online have later reported threats to the police, according to Media Matters. Raichik is not accused of making threats herself.

Raichik was recently appointed to Oklahoma’s state library board despite not living in the state, which has angered activists and some parents, who told her to “stay out” of the state after she announced a visit in the wake of the death of non-binary teen Nex Benedict.

Her post on Wednesday related to an incident in Palm Beach County in which the three men were arrested in connection with the alleged abduction and sexual assault of a woman in Lake Worth Beach, Florida.

The abduction is alleged to have taken place in a residential park on Monday (11 March).

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