Shea Coulée apologises to Meghan Trainor for starting Drag Race sandwich rumour

Meghan Trainor and Shea Coulée at the Streamy Awards 2023.

Shea Couleé has put the great Meghan Trainor sandwich debacle to rest once and for all and apologised to the “All About That Bass” singer for starting the years-long rumour.

Feeling a little lost? Let me catch you up.

Back in 2017, Meghan appeared as a guest judge on season nine of RuPaul’s Drag Race, infamously wearing – as many fans may remember – a unicorn onesie. 

Unfortunately, onesies aside, a rumour soon spread that the singer had been less than pleasant on-set.

Four years later, Trinity The Tuck claimed during an episode of The Real House Husband’s Podcast that Meghan Trainor had stolen her co-star Shea Couleé’s lunch during filming.

“Apparently, she took Shea Coulee’s sandwich during season nine during lunch before she could get to it. That’s what I was told,” she said at the time.

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While Meghan did release a statement to apologise for wearing a unicorn onesie and making anyone feel disrespected, she insisted that she left everyone’s lunch untouched.

Shea Coulée at the 2023 Streamy Awards
Shea Coulée owed Meghan a big apology for starting the infamous sandwich rumour. (Getty Images)

“Lmao… why” she commented when a Drag Race fan mentioned the rumour on TikTok. “Didn’t eat anyone’s sandwich hahahaha I promise.”

Whether you believed Meghan’s side of the story or not, that was the end of the sandwich drama for a while… that was until last night.

Meghan and Shea were reunited on Sunday (27 August) for the 2023 Streamy Awards.

While Shea co-presented the 13th annual awards ceremony for the best of the best in content creation, Meghan’s song “Made You Look” was up for the Rolling Stone Sound of the Year Award – which she won, by the way.

Just before the glamour-filled night began to draw to a close, Shea decided it was time to get something off her chest.

In the final stint of the live-streamed awards show, Shea immediately brought the crowd’s attention to Miss Meghan.

Immediately coming clean, Shea told her: “Look, okay, I shouldn’t be doing this, going off script, but I feel like I have to.

“I don’t know if you have encountered this rumour that when you were on Drag Race as a guest judge you ate a drag queen’s sandwich… I made that rumour up. And I’m so sorry!”

Meghan Trainor in shock at the Streamy Awards after Shea Coulée's admission.
Meghan Trainor had been fighting off the sandwich allegations for years. (Streamy Awards)

Meghan’s jaw dropped while her fellow nominee and BFF Chris Olsen covered his face with his hands.

“It was you?” she asked in shock.

Shea confirmed: “It was me! And I just feel so bad and I just want to let you know I said it as a joke once on the mic and I feel like now – I am very serious, they have no idea. 

“I shouldn’t even be telling you this, but I am not only a gorgeous drag queen but I am also a compulsive liar and I’m so sorry. 

“She didn’t eat my sandwich, ya’ll, she’s a great person, I love her.”

Let’s hope Meghan doesn’t take the news too hard.

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