Canada’s Drag Race announces season four cast

Canada's Drag Race season four cast

The line-up for season four of Canada’s Drag Race has just dropped and the competition looks sickening.

After a long wait, the Drag Race team has assembled 11 fierce queens who are ready to show off their skills through their “unforgettable runway looks, lip-sync slay-offs, a killer Snatch Game, a sickening Rusical, and some new game-changing competition twists,” in the hopes of winning a grand prize of $100,000.

Among this year’s cast are a number of trans queens, and the oldest contestant to ever compete in the history of Drag Race!

Celebrity stylist Brad Goreski, etalk host Traci Melchor, and Drag Race legend Brooke Lynn Hytes will be tasked with judging these queens on their Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent – and it won’t be an easy job.

Here are this year’s Canada’s Drag Race queens:

Aimee Yonce Shennel

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Aimee is serving Dominican Republic realness and is currently the reigning Miss Capital Pride.

Ahead of the fierce competition, she said: “I’m here to show people there is no limit… I came to Canada here six years ago without knowing English, and now she’s coming to take the crown!”

Aurora Matrix

After putting in her shift on the Toronto drag scene five nights a week, Aurora Matrix is ready to take her talents to a bigger stage.

“My drag is heavily inspired by my Chinese culture. It’s energetic, electrifying, and a little animated,” she says.

“My culture bleeds through my drag when I perform. Canada’s Drag Race has not had a winner from East Asia before. I’m here to bring home the crown and represent East Asian excellence.”


Denim is Canada’s Drag Race’s first ever transmasc contestant, going by she/her pronouns in drag, and he/him pronouns out of drag.

When it comes to being in the spotlight, this isn’t Denim’s first rodeo, having performed on-stage with icons like Charli XCX, Caroline Polachek, and Kim Petras.

“I think it’s time to crown a weirdo. And I know I am that b**ch.”

Kiki Coe

Kiki Coe describes herself as a “traditional” drag queen who can bring the full package to season four.

One of Kiki’s greatest strengths has got to be her jaw-dropping costumes – some of which have actually made it to television before her, having featured on earlier seasons of Canada’s Drag Race.

“I’m representing someone that I wish I had when I was a kid. I want to show the world what Filipino talent is made of,” she says.

Kitten Kaboodle

Kitten is making history as the oldest Drag Race contestant in her-story, at age 57.

Inspired by old-school ‘70s variety shows, she promises to give the other queens a run for their money.

The vaudeville queen says: “I’m here to show that you can teach an old kitty new tricks… I’m a MILF in drag and a granddaddy out of drag, and that’s what I call range.”

Luna DuBois

Luna DuBois is a make-up artist an already-established drag fashion icon, and now the first Nigerian queen to feature on Canada’s Drag Race.

Ahead of the competition, Luna has said that she’s confident she’ll be taking home the crown, even if it means she has to be a little shady.

“I’m not afraid of having a little bit of drama in the workroom. I invite her, she is my guest.”

Melinda Verga

Melinda, 44, started doing drag aged 37, and took to it like a fish to water. 

Having already taken home the crowns for Gay Edmonton 2017 and Ednomton Drag Idol 2018, Melinda is looking for a new trophy for her collection.

Promising variety in her performances, she says: “You never know what you’re going to get and, quite frankly, sometimes I don’t know what I’m going to get either.”

Nearah Nuff

Nearah Nuff is here to finally put Calgary’s drag scene on the map.

Despite only having done drag for three years, Nearah promises to “boots the house down and split in any which way you want.”

But when it comes to drama, she’s ready to take down any queen who stands in her way.

“ I am going to add gasoline to the fire. I can out-lip-sync anyone so, if you have a problem with me, let’s take it to the stage.”

Sisi Superstar

Sisi Superstar is serving up grunge-camp realness as the “queen of the underground scene.”

She’s a DJ, a drag performer, and the organiser of one of Montréal’s biggest alt-queer events, Unikorn Parties.

Inspired by horror, campiness, glamour, and fashion, Sisi’s main goal is to “show everyone that a scary clown could be very sexy.”

The Girlfriend Experience

The Girlfriend Experience, aka Girlfriend, has made a name for herself on the Vancouver drag scene through her all-trans drag show, and through publicly documenting her transition journey.

Asked what she is bringing to the competition, she says: “I am bringing a vagina. Literally. The Girlfriend Experience is a trans icon.”

And it sounds like this queen isn’t afraid to get fiesty, telling fans: “It’s season four of Canada’s Drag Race. It’s about time they have a pretty winner.”


This year’s final queen is Vancouver drag icon Venus. 

Venus is not only a member of the Gender Drag family and a model, but she’s also part of the hit non-binary Drag supergroup ENBY6.

At a Venus performance, you can expect a lot of skin, a lot of leg, and “if you look down, there’ll be a surprise.”Want to find out more? You’ll simply have to wait until Thursday, 16 November, when these queens finally start their engines for the premiere of Canada’s Drag Race season four.