Club Q announces plans to open in new location 11 months after devastating shooting

Flowers and a picture of a heart drawn in Pride rainbow colours with the message "Love over Hate" are placed outside Club Q

Just ahead of the anniversary of the devastating anti-LGBTQ+ mass shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs, the club’s management has announced plans to reopen in a new location.

On 19 November 2021, the eve of Transgender Day of Remembrance, a gunman Anderson Aldrich opened fire in the nightclub, killing five people and injuring many more.

The five victims were publicly named as Daniel Aston, Derrick Rump, Kelly Loving, Ashley Paugh, and Raymond Green Vance.

Aldrich was charged with over 300 criminal counts and is currently serving a life sentence in prison.

Five people lost their lives in the November 2022 shooting. (Getty Images)

The horrific shooting sent shockwaves through the LGBTQ+ community in Colorado and sparked movement from advocate groups and allies to provide support to victims, their loved ones, and all others impacted by the shooting.

Earlier this year, Club Q’s management team announced plans to reopen their doors at the same location with a new onsite memorial to those who had lost their lives in the mass shooting.

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However, the team announced a change of plans this week.

In a statement posted to their official website this Tuesday (24 October), the LGBTQ+ club’s management team explained that reopening was always the plan, as it “sends a strong message that hate will not win, love will always prevail.”

However, they said, after listening to the voices of survivors, victims’ families, and the greater community, it became clear that reopening in the original location wasn’t the right move.

“We have heard those that feel returning the building to the community this soon will hinder their healing process,” the statement read.

The original plan was to reopen Club Q in its original location. (Getty Images)

“We fully recognise that Club Q and this community have never been a building or location. It’s composed of tens of thousands of people from all walks of life coming together to celebrate love and acceptance.

“This Club Q community has continued to carry on with strength and resilience, even while the doors have remained closed.”

It has instead been decided that Club Q will, at least initially, open a new venue at a new location.

The new venue, which will be known as The Q, will be located at the Satellite Hotel in southern Colorado Springs.

Sharing a little teaser of what patrons can expect from The Q, the management team wrote: “The new venue will host a variety of shows, including drag shows. We will also proudly present alternative entertainment options, such as karaoke, bingo, trivia, and arcade-style video games.”

Most importantly, though, The Q promises to uphold the tradition of Club Q and “provide a safe, affirming and inclusive space for everyone.”

Any employees who worked at Club Q and suddenly found themselves without work after its closure last November will be invited back to join the team at The Q.

Meanwhile, the team explained that they have been dealing with “many frustrating delays” when it comes to the design and approval process for Club Q’s onsite permanent memorial, though construction is expected to begin “very soon”.

The statement concluded: “We will never be able to make those impacted by the shooting at Club Q whole, but we hope this new space can provide community healing. We all have changed in so many ways, but we sincerely hope that the new venue can be a small part of rebuilding the Colorado Springs LGBTQ+ community.”