Overwatch is getting its first non-binary hero and fans are overjoyed

Concept art of non-binary Overwatch character Venture, who is wearing brown and black clothing while carrying a large drill weapon

Overwatch is finally getting its first non-binary character, and video game fans are absolutely thrilled to see more LGBTQ+ inclusion in the beloved series. 

BlizzCon 2023 provided Overwatch 2 fans with loads to look forward to, including a sneak peak at the new Damage character Venture. They are a fierce Canadian archeologist willing to use their drill weapon to dig deep for treasure and achieve victory in battle. 

Set to release next year in season 10, Venture uses their drill weapon to hit foes with disk-like projectiles, project themselves forward in a melee attack and allows them to burrow underground, which makes them temporarily invulnerable to attacks.

After the announcement from Blizzard, fans took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share their excitement and a few happy tears that non-binary representation made it into the video game franchise. 

Overwatch players will have to wait a little bit to get the non-binary in game as season 10 is projected to drop sometime in May 2024, according to Dexerto.

As more and more heroes have been added to Overwatch over the years, Blizzard has expanded its pantheon of LGBTQ+ characters. 

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Tracer has been a poster child for the game since fans first fell in love with her. In 2016, Overwatch confirmed the fan-favourite character is part of the LGBTQ+ community through a sweet comic book scene with her girlfriend

Just a few years later, in 2019, Soldier: 76 (aka Jack Morrison) became the second LGBTQ+ character in the Overwatch universe after a short story heavily hinted he had a past relationship with a man named Vincent.  

In April, Overwatch expanded its pantheon of LGBTQ+ characters once again with the introduction of Lifeweaver, an out pansexual scientist that uses plant-based tech to heal and protect teammates

Then, during Overwatch 2’s Pride Month celebrations, Blizzard revealed popular characters Pharah and Baptiste are both queer