Ella issues emotional statement after Married At First Sight finale: ‘The best and hardest journey’

Ella Morgan on the MAFS UK finale

Ella Morgan has made it to the finale of Married At First Sight UK after a dramatic few weeks and has come out the other side a changed woman.

The reality star made history as the first-ever transgender woman to take part in Married At First Sight – but it wasn’t an easy journey.

After calling things off with her original groom, Nathaniel Valentino, the 29-year-old clinic consultant found a real connection with series latecomer JJ Slater.

It was instant fireworks when Ella and JJ met – despite both being matched up with other people – and it wasn’t long before the two fell for one another. 

Unfortunately, though – spoiler alert! – the couple decided not to say “I do” during their final vows, and opted to go their separate ways with no hard feelings.

Still, Ella wanted to make it clear that being partnered with 30-year-old JJ was the best thing that could have happened to her, as she was finally seen for who she is, without judgement.

“Being seen for Ella as Ella without any judgement is something I never thought would happen to me. I only dreamed of it as a child and you made me see and realise it was a reality rather than a dream,” she told JJ in their final vows.

“Something I’ve learnt is that everyone has to compromise in a relationship, but you shouldn’t have to change each other. I also have needs and wants and shouldn’t just settle because someone accepts my transition.

“I wanted it to be you, but it isn’t right now. I’ll never forget you and what you’ve done for me. You’ve changed my life forever.”

In a post to Instagram after the Married At First Sight finale aired, Ella revealed that this had been “the hardest episode to watch,” but that she stood by her decision and was proud of how much she had grown.

“It’s been the best and hardest journey I have ever experienced in life. I have grown and learnt so much during my time on MAFS, and getting to end the series with the most incredible man @johnjoeslater makes it so special and all worth the ups & downs,” she wrote.

Ella later shared, in a Q&A with her Instagram followers, just how much JJ had helped her overcome any insecurities she had ever had as a trans woman

“JJ has shown me I am enough and I’m capable of being loved and accepted by cis straight men, and not just seen as a fetish or a dirty secret,” she wrote.

“I now know what I need and want from my next partner when I start dating again. I don’t just need to settle because someone accepts me, I am worthy and deserving of more than just that. He has made me so much more confident in myself. 

“JJ just saw me as Ella, rather than a trans woman, for the first time in my life I was just accepted for me and my transition wasn’t an issue for him, he wasn’t embarrassed by me, something I’ve not come across before.”

Married at First Sight UK's first trans bride, Ella Clark
Ella had only good things to say about JJ after the Married At First Sight finale. (E4)

She concluded: “For JJ to be with me as an openly trans woman, on a national television show, when he had never even met a trans person before, speaks volumes and will inspire so many men to hopefully be proud to be with a trans woman… JJ saw me as the woman I am and not the label and for that, I am so grateful.”

So Ella and JJ didn’t say “I do”, but they did change each other for the better.

Ella is ready to bring more confidence and self-assurance into her next relationship – but it might be a while before she’s ready to date again.

The reality star told followers that she’s more than happy to be single right now, and is “focusing on me, working on myself, my career, family and continuing to grow on my own before I set sights on a relationship.”

Most cast members (bar Nathanial) will return on Wednesday (15 November) and Thursday (16 November) for the first time since they filmed the experiment in June, a two-part reunion.