Dylan Mulvaney opens up about her regret from the past year

Dylan Mulvaney, in a silver dress, walking down a street.

Trans social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney has opened up about her regret from the past year while at the Teen Vogue Summit 2023. 

On Saturday (18 November), Mulvaney took to the Teen Vogue Summit 2023 stage to discuss her career as a content creator. 

Recalling her first ‘365 Days of Girlhood’ TikTok video she said she remembers hoping that people “could see my intentions were good”. 

Mulvaney also confirmed she’s busy working in new fields which include acting and writing a book. 

But reflecting on 2023 so far, she said she does have one regret: “I think that is the one piece of this whole last year; I rushed a lot of things.” 

She added: “I talked about a lot of things really fast and I think there were some little minute details that got lost in the mix and I’m doing those now.” 

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While discussing her presence in the LGBTQ+ community, she shared that in the face of an “extreme amount of hate” earlier this year, she initially started to shut down, stopped using her voice, and decided to “get really pretty”.

After contemplating staying quiet, Mulvaney said she realised “my voice is my most powerful thing”. 

Dylan Mulvaney became the subject of an immense, international backlash over a brief sponsorship deal with the beer company Bud Light in April. Following the backlash she claimed that Bud Light did not “stand by” her.

In October, she won Attitude Magazine’s Woman of the Year award and dedicated it to trans youth.

She said while on the Attitude Awards red carpet: “To the trans youth out there in America, in the UK, and beyond, I love you, I support you, stay with us. 

“You are so worthy of love and I’m so proud of you. I love ya.”

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