Dylan Mulvaney speaks out after backlash to ‘Days of Girlhood’ song

Dylan Mulvaney has responded to the backlash and mixed internet reviews following the release of her new single, “Days of Girlhood”.

The music video, released on 13 March, has sparked a debate over its lyrics, which reference “retail therapy”, “overspending”, picking “up meds”, a “walk of shame” and having a “breakdown” in relation to her personal experience of “girlhood”.

One person on Twitter responded by saying: “You are perpetuating stereotypes that women are lazy, sex-crazed, dumb and play men for fun.”

But others stepped in to defended her, with one writing: “Dylan Mulvaney makes a song about her experience as a girl, then people criticise her and say she made a ‘mockery of women’ but these same people will listen to these songs.”

In response, Mulvaney said in a TikTok video that the fans who know the real her, understand her intentions, and she has continued to post about her life since transitioning.

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Dylan Mulvaney released her track “Days of Girlhood” earlier this month. (Getty)

“It’s day 730 of being a girl,” she said on 12 March, going on to recall the “painful” lessons she learned in her second year of being in the public eye.

“This past year, honey, it was a long one. You might comment, ‘Dylan, day one [of girlhood] feels like yesterday’. But to me, these have felt like two long dog years.

“I think the theme of this past year was pain, and it’s not a bad thing,” she continued. “But it was so contrasting to the joy and ecstasy that I experienced in those early days, that it was almost comical, but also heart-breaking at times.

“Other times, I owned my pain and grew a thousand times stronger. The most beautiful part has been releasing from the pain and returning to innocence over and over again.”

She went on to explain the aim of the single wasn’t to become a pop star, but to celebrate her gender journey after receiving so much negativity online.

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