‘Trans Secret Santa’ aims to spread joy to trans youth across the UK

Trans Secret Santa UK

LGBTQ+ youth organisation Think2Speak has launched a heartwarming Secret Santa campaign to spread joy to trans youth across the UK this Christmas.

Trans Secret Santa UK was created in collaboration with trans campaigner Jude Guaitamacchi, trans artist Mister Samo, and their patron Octavian Starr to remind transgender youth how loved they are this holiday season.

 It has been a difficult year for trans individuals across the UK – particularly those from Black and Brown communities – with heavy, disheartening coverage in the media, devastating attacks by the government, and a concerning rise in transphobic abuse.

Trans Secret Santa UK
Trans Secret Santa UK aims to spread joy to trans youth this Christmas. (Think2Speak)

Meanwhile, 78 per cent of trans youth experience bullying at school, while just six per cent feel that they are supported, per Think2Speak.

Recognising the urgent need for solidarity and support, Think2Speak is rallying communities to show these resilient youth that they are cherished, valued, and part of an extended global family that champions their success.

Through this festive campaign, Think2Speak and Jude Guaitamacchi aim to offer trans youth a ray of hope and remind them that they are loved more than they know and that they’ll always have a family of people around the world who care about them and want them to succeed.

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Trans Secret Santa UK is raising money to fund secret gift bundles that will be posted out with Christmas cards, designed by Mister Samo, to trans young people.

The more money raised, the more parcels that the organisation can deliver. Donations can be made through Think2Speak’s Crowdfunder.

Trans Secret Santa UK
Trans Secret Santa UK is raising money to fund secret gift bundles that will be posted out to trans young people. (Getty Images)

“Spending time on a residential with Think2Speak recently, I saw the impact of giving trans youth hope that they can grow up and thrive,” said Guaitamacchi

“They are surrounded by so much negativity and as an activist and campaigner, I realised the importance of spreading some much-needed positivity. This Christmas I just want young trans people to have a moment of joy.” 

The Trans Secret Santa initiative, which first started in the US, invites people from all walks of life to become Santa and spread hope by participating in this celebration of trans resilience and magic.

This year they were unable to run the initiative outside of the US and Canada so Think2Speak have taken it upon themselves to make sure trans people in the UK experience the love and joy they deserve this Christmas.

By joining this movement, anyone can contribute to spreading joy, love, and a sense of belonging to young trans individuals who may feel isolated or marginalised. 

Think2Speak is calling on all individuals, organisations, and communities who believe in the importance of supporting and uplifting trans youth to consider contributing to the cause and help create a network of unwavering support and solidarity that transcends geographical boundaries.

All Trans Secret Santa requests must be made before 17th December. 

You can donate to Trans Secret Santa UK here.

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