‘My gay mums are my best friends’

Content creator Alex Jayne has opened up about being adopted from China by two caucasian mums who have given her a “very nice life” and love her “unconditionally”.

Jayne, who has more than 38,000 followers on YouTube, told PinkNews about growing up with two mums, who she calls her “friends”. 

“I can literally talk to them about anything,” she says. 

“Both of my parents provided what I needed and they still do. They’re a very good balance and I can probably say that my parents have been together for 30 years.” 

Jayne said she identifies as heterosexual, and feels she needs to “put that out there” because of false assumptions that if people are brought up by gay parents they too could end up being gay. 

“That is not the case. You’re simply born with it,” Jayne clarified, adding that she used to introduce herself by saying: “Hi, I’m Alex, I’m Chinese, I’m adopted and I have two gay moms.”

She said she would tell people about her background and her family to see if they had a problem with it, so she knew who was worth hanging around. 

“If they don’t accept my family they don’t need to be part of my life,” Jayne explained.

“I have two parents who love me unconditionally that have been stable and have provided a very, very nice life for me. I’m very very grateful.

“Two people of the same sex can raise a child successfully,” she said, adding that she hopes to one day have a relationship like her mums’. 

Adopting is often an option for same-sex couples who wish to start their own families. 

In honour of National Adoption Week 2023, PinkNews spoke to LGBTQ+ adopters in the UK who shared the joys and “nervousness” of adopting. 

There are so many reasons why children may not be able to be brought up by their biological parents.

Director of the National Adoption Service for Wales, Suzanne Griffiths, told PinkNews: “The reality we have in our society currently is that not all children can safely remain in their birth families or communities for their children.

“Adoption is one of the forms of permanence that we have available for those children.”

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