Stormy Daniels says her new job is the best – even though she ‘doesn’t get to have an orgasm’

Stormy Daniels

Stormy Daniels has opened up about how hosting gay dating reality series For the Love of DILFs is the “best job” ever.

The adult film star, stand-up comedian and director has dealt with a great deal of scrutiny since it emerged in 2018 that she had been paid $130,000 during the 2016 presidential election campaign by Donald Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, to keep quiet about an alleged affair with the former president. Trump denies the affair.

The 44-year-old previously claimed sex with Trump was the “worst 90 seconds” of her life – so she’s definitely due some more positive life experiences, and her new job seems to just the well-deserved tonic she needs.

Daniels recently sat down with Page Six for an exclusive interview, where she explained that hosting the gay dating reality series is the “best job” she’s ever had. 

“And I don’t even get to have an orgasm!” she added. To be fair, orgasms at work are a rarity for most people unless you either a) work in the adult industry or b) really, really like Excel spreadsheets.

Stormy Daniels wears a red dress and dark jacket as she poses for the camera
Stormy Daniels says her encounter with Donald Trump and the media storm afterwards heralded the ‘worst five years’ of her life. (Getty)

In For the Love of DILFS, Daniels presides over a cast of Himbos — attractive young men (presumably the word twink is a bit too niche for a mainstream audience) — and Daddies (which needs no explanation), as they search for love and compete for a $10,000 cash prize. 

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In her interview, arranged specifically to promote the second season of the OutTV show, Daniels also goes into detail about all of the upcoming drama in DILF Mansion (yes, really), as well as what she likes best about her presenting job.

“It was just such an eye-opening experience for me that how could I say no to season two?” she explains. “Especially once I realised that I was given this opportunity that I didn’t even know was wrapped up in this hot naked man package.”

She also explains how pleased she is about the meaningful conversations she helped bring to light during the show, with contestants being open and honest about the reality of being an LGBTQ+ person in the US. If you haven’t seen it, imagine the heartfelt scenes in the Drag Race werkroom, but with more passionate tongue kissing and fewer items of clothing.

And Stormy Daniels – whose husband is fellow porn actor Barrett Blade – is happy to add to these honest conversations. She makes it clear on the For the Love of DILFs season two premiere that she is proudly bisexual.

“What I didn’t realise was going to be this unexpected bonus … to really sort of bridge the gap between the queer community and the straight community about some of these hot topics that these people on the show … were so open and honest [about],” she said.

Stormy Daniels has been outspoken about her experiences, and isn’t afraid to be unflinchingly honest. (Getty)

“Conversations about boundaries, about body positivity, health, STDs and consent,” she adds. “And good stuff, too, like how you want to be touched, what feels good.

“My hetero female friends in marriages of decades don’t even have these conversations with their husbands. No wonder women aren’t coming! Like, what the f**k, right? No wonder we all need vibrators.” 

Daniels unsuccessfully sued Trump for defamation in 2018 and has been subsequently ordered to pay his law firm more than $600,000 over the suit, but so far she’s refused to do so, saying she’d rather go to prison. She has continued to fight the order in court.

In March, Trump was indicted by a grand jury in New York over his alleged role in the hush money scandal.

For the Love of DILFs season two begins streaming on 23 January on OutTV