Stormy Daniels overcame ‘worst years of her life’ with help from queer fans, daddies and himbos

Stormy Daniels

Stormy Daniels has a good sense of humour – you kind of have to when you’ve seen your own “butthole on a jumbotron”.

The legendary adult film star has dealt with more than her fair share of scrutiny since 2018, when it emerged that Donald Trump had paid her $130,000 in hush money over an affair she claims they had in 2006.

She’s previously said that sex with Trump was the “worst 90 seconds” of her life (he denies the affair) – but after the story broke, things went from bad to worse.

“Most people make the joke that life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” Stormy tells PinkNews.

“I didn’t even get lemons, I got bad oranges – what do you do with that? There was a point where it was just flat-out overwhelming. I couldn’t go anywhere.”

At the height of the firestorm, Stormy’s “name was everywhere”, and things were difficult.

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“I do have a thick skin because you have to if you work in porn,” she says. “I’ve seen my butthole on a jumbotron. You have to have a sense of humour, but it was overwhelmingly vicious at first.”

Stormy Daniels wears a red dress and dark jacket as she poses for the camera
Stormy Daniels says her encounter with Donald Trump and the media storm afterwards heralded the “worst five years” of her life. (Getty)

To reduce Stormy Daniels to her interaction with Trump would be a mistake. She’s a veteran in the adult entertainment business, a talented director, a witty stand-up comedian and an impassioned advocate. 

After living through the “worst five years”, Stormy is bouncing back. She’s found whole new audiences, including a large LGBTQ+ fanbase that she’s become increasingly aware of after the Trump debacle. 

“It started I would say several years ago, but that was more the female, queer fanbase because I do a lot of girl-girl work. It’s not a secret I like women,” she says.

“Then obviously when the political stuff happened, I got a lot of gay fans and trans people because they felt marginalised by the administration. I got a lot of fans from that. 

“The downside of that is when I’m on stage during my show, I have guys in the audience that have more sequins and look more fabulous than me!”

Now, she is giving back to her gay fandom with For the Love of DILFS, the new reality dating show that sees “daddies” and “himbos” thrown together to find love, and win a cash prize.

Stormy Daniels wears a dark dress as she smiles at the camera and poses for a picture
Stormy Daniels recalls she once lost a Stormy Daniels look alike contest to a queer fan. (Getty)

Stormy is the host and romantic adviser, lending a camp, Jennifer Coolidge-esque vibe to proceedings.

As soon as she enters the room the contestants light up with excitement, which Stormy says was “very good for [her] ego”. 

“It was nice because I have a lot of haters,” she says. 

“When I walk into a room, I never know how it’s gonna go. Most of my appearances – like strip clubs, store signings, speaking engagements or stand-up comedy – without fail, there’s gotta be an a*shole in the room, which is kind of my favourite because then I get to destroy them.”

The represents a rebirth of sorts for Stormy, after she hit a “really low point” following the Trump debacle. She genuinely loved doing the show, and has remained close friends with some of the contestants.

Stormy Daniels smiles for the camera while wearing a dark outfit
Stormy Daniels hopes in her “next life” she can “come back as a drag queen” named Petty LeBelle, who could one day be president. (Getty)

She hopes For The Love Of DILFs is the start of a pivot away from tabloid headlines and into mainstream entertainment – her ultimate goal is to direct horror movies.

But whatever comes next, the experience has left her re-energised, and ready to keep fighting.

“​​I did not want to give those awful people on internet trolls and haters the satisfaction of knowing that they got to me,” she says.

“I’m not too ashamed to admit that I was highly motivated by pettiness. At first, they just made me angry, but now there’s a lot of people starting to shift. 

“So now, I just have to roll my eyes [at hate] and keep doing my thing and hope that in my next life, I can come back as a drag queen and call myself Petty LaBelle and become president because I will paint the White House hot pink.”

For The Love Of DILFs is now streaming on Froot.TV

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