Bigots are raging once again – this time about CoComelon

Bigots are once again foaming at the mouth and calling for a boycott, but this time it is over children’s animation CoComelon.

The popular, preschool aged show – which helps youngsters learn letters, numbers, animal sounds and colours – has irked anti-LGBTQ+ folks for daring to feature gay dads and a boy wearing a tutu and a tiara. 

One episode of CoComelon Lane, which is a spinoff of the main animation, features a gay couple who sing to their young son Nico and encourage him to be his authentic self.  

“If you’re not sure what to choose, think about all the things you like to do, just be you,” the fathers sing, as the young boy decides what he would like to wear. Eventually choosing a tutu and tiara, which he dances around happily in. 

Right-wingers were quick to brand the show “woke” and demand it be boycotted by parents because of its “indoctrination” and apparent attempts to “force radical gender theory on toddlers”.  

“Another popular children’s program has decided to go all-in on Left-wing indoctrination,” Conservative commentator Matt Walsh said. 

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“In the clip, we see a young boy — a character named Nico — dancing around in a dress and a tiara while his two gay dads look on approvingly. 

“It’s so on-the-nose that you’d be forgiven for assuming that it must be a parody. But it is not. Not intentionally, anyway.”

Walsh went on to go on a bizarre rant about the show itself – which is one of the most popular kids shows on Netflix – as having “bad music, bad voice acting, very bad, lifeless, ugly animation”. 

Another X/Twitter user said: “It will never cease to amaze me how companies will to give a middle finger to their main audience to please the woke mob.”

A third social media user said we are in “evil times” whilst another vilely claimed the musical number is “child abuse”. 

CoComelon is extremely popular with toddlers (John Keeble/Getty Images)

In response to the backlash, the show has been review-bombed on Google by disgruntled viewers who gave the show a raft of one star reviews.

The reviews include a range of deeply homophobic and bigoted language such as saying the show is “influencing kids to homosexual practice” and likening gay folks sexual offenders.

Another ‘reviewer’ went as far as to say “it should be illegal include gay, trans propaganda in cartoons for any age of kids”.

However, for all the backlash, a number of people took to social media to point out the absurdity of the outrage.

“The funniest thing about conservative snowflakes getting upset about Cocomelon having a new gay couple on the show is the fact they fully believe that if they close their eyes tightly and cry hard enough into their phones, gay people who have kids will no longer exist,” one social media user observed.

“Conservatives love watching Cocomelon because they have the mentality of a toddler,” a X/Twitter user sarcastically wrote.

“Bigots are mad because the new Cocomelon series on Netflix has two gay dads,” a second said. “They say they hate it because its woke but honestly I think they’re all just triggered at seeing a child have a loving relationship with two dads when they didn’t even get one.”

“[grown ass man voice] I am upset about cocomelon,” a third wrote.