Man sentenced to five years in jail for fire bomb attack on donut shop that hosted drag show

Coby Green

Oklahoma man Coby Green has been sentenced to five years in jail after he firebombed a donut shop after the business hosted an art show featuring drag queens. 

Green pleaded guilty to malicious use of explosive materials in August and he set to spend five years in federal prison, followed by three years of supervised release.

Following the 25-year-old posting anti-LGBTQ+ flyers near The Donut Hole his charges also carried a hate crime enhancement.

On 31 October, 2022, in the early hours of the morning, Green tossed a Molotov cocktail, which officials said cased a fire that damaged the business, into the Tulsa-based business, after he broke its glass door with a baseball bat. 

It was the second time the Donut Hole had been vandalised. Earlier in October, another vandalism incident was reported in which the shop’s door was smashed along with a window. 

According to a probable cause affidavit viewed by Law&Crime, Green had previously complained on social media about the shop hosting a drag night. 

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“Ok, it’s officially time to shine our boots and put on our armbands boys,” he wrote. “This disgusting filth has got to go.”

After reading about the incident that came before his he bragged on social media: ”I’m just sad they didn’t molotov it.” 

Following the attack The Donut Hole managed to raise more than $29,000 on GoFundMe. 

Green was accused of setting a different Tulsa County restaurant on fire in 2021, but the charges were dropped after a witness failed to appear. 

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