The Traitors series two star Miles would use prize money to buy ‘forever home’ with husband

The Traitors series two contestant Miles

LGBTQ+ The Traitors series two contestant Miles has opened up about family life with his husband in the lead-up to his appearance on the hit BBC reality competition.

When series one of The Traitors aired on BBC One in late 2022, it quickly became a favourite among LGBTQ+ fans for Claudia Winkleman’s magnificently camp hosting duties and its roster of loveable queer contestants.

From Wednesday night (3 January), audiences will be transported back to the Scottish Highlands for the highly anticipated second series, which is once again hosted by a cloak-shrouded Winkleman and packed with high-stakes drama.

The second outing of the BAFTA-winning series will see 22 members of the British public battle it out to win up to £120,000 – after an intense game of mystery, intrigue and betrayal.

As the “Faithfuls” race against time to weed out the hidden “Traitors” among their clan, they must band together to complete a series of challenges that will contribute to the grand prize waiting at the other end.

Who is The Traitors series two star Miles?

Among this year’s crop of competitors on The Traitors is 36-year-old Miles, originally from Birmingham but now based in Worcestershire. The veterinary nurse has already carved himself out as the “goody two shoes” of the series and is looking for a taste of adventure.

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“I went to school, went to college, got my qualification, found my husband, had a family. I’ve done everything so ‘correct’,” he told the BBC.

But Miles is more than ready to do what it takes to order to win, no matter how cutthroat it gets. “As long as my nearest and dearest know that, then that’ll make me feel a bit better – it’s not real life,” he added.

He’s also a member of the LGBTQ+ community

Miles says he and his husband became “hooked” on the show after watching just one episode.

“Me and my husband watched the first episode then probably watched three more, before we were like: ‘Right, we need to go to bed. We’ve got jobs to do tomorrow’,” he joked.

Relying on his humour, sharp wit and admiration for the cunning strategy shown by last year’s contestant Amanda (aka Mother), Miles has no worries about his “poker face”.

He explained: “It’s funny because I know when my husband’s lying but he doesn’t know when I am, he thinks I’m quite good at it. My mum says my poker face is good and that I’d be great on the show.

Miles is an LGBTQ+ contestant in season two of The Traitors. (
Miles is an LGBTQ+ contestant in season two of The Traitors. (BBC)

“I had told her I was doing something on TV and she said: ‘As long as it’s not something like Love Island‘. I replied, ‘Mum, I do not have the body for Love Island.’ I am also married with children, so that’s definitely not the show for me.”

Should he get his hands on the prize money, Miles says it would be his ticket to securing a comfortable future for himself and his family.

“What I really want to do is get our for ever home,” he said. “I’d like to pay off our debts and get into our home and really settle. While everything is fine as it is, it would be lovely to go forward with that and live somewhere in the country.”

The first episode of The Traitors airs tonight at 9pm on BBC One and the first three episodes will subsequently be available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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