‘I started transitioning at 58’

Trans man Deacon has spoken about how he began transitioning at the age of 58, and has told PinkNews he knew he was in the wrong body at a very early age.

“I knew when I was five that I was supposed to be a boy and went up to my mom at a family reunion, around all the female relatives, [and] announced proudly: ‘I’m supposed to be a boy’.

“Of course, I was yelled at and told to go back in the living room.”

He describes starting testosterone as the “most exhilarating feeling of freedom” and has gone on to share his journey on TIkTok.

After more than 50 years of not feeling safe enough to transition, due to a lack of support in his life, Deacon finally had his “light-bulb moment” in 2022 when a friend was also transitioning.

“I was just like, it’s actually possible right now. It doesn’t matter how old I am. I have never been happier and I will never look back,” he says.

“I would love to have top surgery. I am extremely chest dysphoric,” he adds, but lung issues mean he isn’t sure he’ll be able to handle the procedure.

A University of Michigan study, published in the journal JAMA Surgery, in August, revealed that top surgery improves life for the overwhelming majority of patients.

Alongside the physical obstacles, Deacon feels a lot of his family’s struggle with his transition.

“It’s an adjustment. They’re used to me being one way… they’re trying and I love them,” he says.

The most support has come from work colleagues and his sister, and now shares details of his journey to help others who are going through transitioning.

“One of the best things about the reach that I’ve had through TikTok, is the amount of people I’ve been able to give hope to, letting them know it’s never too late.

“It’s never too late to become the authentic you.”