Everyone wants to know what Selena Gomez said to Taylor Swift at the Golden Globes

Selena Gomez leans down to talk to Taylor Swift during a now viral interaction at the 2024 Golden Globes

A Golden Globe Awards moment involving Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift sharing hot goss has gone viral, and the good people of the internet have some wild (and hilarious) theories on what was said. 

The Golden Globes was truly a star-studded affair as big-name celebs took home prestigious awards on Sunday (7 January) night. But the real winners of the night were Gomez and Swift, who stole the show in a now-viral moment. 

In a clip shared widely online, Gomez chatted animatedly with Swift and Keleigh Teller before apparently dropping a saucy piece of gossip that had the “Blank Space” singer’s jaw on the floor. 

It’s unclear exactly what the Wizards of Waverly Place star said, but that hasn’t stopped fans from sharing their off-the-wall theories about what exactly the celebs whispered to each other. 

Internet sleuths speculated Selena Gomez spilt hot tea to Taylor Swift about Timothée Chamalet and Kylie Jenner, who shared a romantic date night during the Golden Globes. 

However, Gomez reportedly “was absolutely not referencing anything about Timothée or Kylie”, a source close to the star told People. The insider dished that The Only Murders in the Building star “never even saw or spoke” to the couple. 

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Outside celeb gossip, others on the internet turned Gomez talking to her besties into excellent memes, sharing their own amusing theories about what happened.

Some joked that Selena Gomez might’ve been sliding some NFL gossip to Taylor Swift, who has been dating the Chiefs’ Travis Kelce for months.

Sadly, Selena Gomez hasn’t revealed what she said to Taylor Swift at the Golden Globes yet. That info is really only privy to those in earshot of the singers. 

But what’s a glamorous Hollywood event without a theatrical clip that gives silly vibes?

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