Harry from The Traitors is dating a pop star’s sibling

Harry from The Traitors Season 2

The Traitors series two contestant Harry Clarke might be new to appearing on TV, but his girlfriend and her family are no strangers to it.

As audiences are transported back to the Scottish Highlands for Claudia Winkleman’s camp hosting and the show’s high-stakes drama, everyone’s eyes are on Harry, who is the only original “Traitor” remaining among the group.

With only a few episodes to go, there’s a chance Harry might slip under the radar of the “Faithfuls” and snag the prize – if he’s careful.

But, what would he do with the grand prize and who would he share it with?

Who is Harry from The Traitors?

22-year-old Harry is a British Army engineer from Slough who chose to apply for The Traitors because he thought it would be “a great opportunity”.

“It’s a life changing experience and not many people get to say that they’ve been on TV!” he told the BBC.

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Though many other contestants admired Amanda’s gameplay in series one, Harry thought Wilfred in particular was “great”.

Harry wanted to be a Traitor before appearing on the show, but said that regardless of whether he was chosen, he would be “going all the way to the end”.

“I’m going in there to win it. Especially as a Traitor, I’ve already thought of how I would’ve handled situations from the last series. I’ve thought of everything,” he said.

Harry from The Traitors Season 2
Harry is a British Army engineer from Slough. (BBC)

Harry’s partner Anna Maynard has also appeared on TV

The Traitors’ Harry might be new to the limelight but his girlfriend, Anna Maynard, is no stranger to it. Anna is a children’s TV presenter on CBBC a well as an influencer and a YouTuber.

She became a presenter on CBBC’s talent show competition Got What It Takes? in 2018 and hosted the show for two seasons solo.

Anna grew up in Brighton with two siblings, who are also well-known among the British public. Conor Maynard is a singer who has released three albums since his debut in 2011, as well as five UK Top 10 singles including “Can’t Say No”, “Vegas Girl” and “R U Crazy”.

Meanwhile, Jack Maynard is a YouTuber with over one million followers. Jack also had a short stint on ITV’s I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! in 2017.

Anna and Harry have been dating since at least 2022, when they first appeared on each other’s Instagram accounts.

What will Harry do if he wins The Traitors?

Harry has somewhat altruistic intentions if he does end up winning the jackpot: “I think that my happiness really comes from making everyone around me happy, so I would want to use some of the money to treat my family and my girlfriend.”

He would also treat himself to a new car before using the rest of the money to start a “new chapter in life”.

He told the BBC: “I’ve been thinking about it, but I don’t have it all worked out or a cool answer to give. I’m still only 22.”

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