Drag Race’s Amanda Tori Meating declared ‘trade’ as fans thirst over uncovered video

Drag Race star Amanda Tori Meating.

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 16 viewers have already declared contestant Amanda Tori Meating a meme queen – now, they’re declaring her bona fide trade after old photos and video of the drag star were uncovered.

Update: Since this article was first published, Amanda Tori Meating has come out publicly as a trans woman, and we have therefore removed links to content depicting her before her transition.

Amanda Tori Meating is one of 14 queens competing for the crown on the brand new season of Drag Race, and she’s already won the hearts of the viewers thanks to her whacky talent show performance and feisty comebacks.

In episode one, she performed a slightly bizarre original song entitled “My Kitty”, which swiftly became a meme, as did her runway presentation – which included her entire face being painted purple.

Then, in the preview for episode four, she had it out with this season’s villain, Plane Jane, when her fellow drag star came for the way she looked. Basically, Amanda Tori Meating is an icon. That name alone? Give her the $200,000 now, Ru.

Yet the Drag Race fandom has uncovered one more reason to stan the 27-year-old: she’s very, very hot.

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In recent days, photos have begun circulating from Amanda’s time as a musical theatre student Wright State University. She graduated from the Ohio university in 2018, as reported by Pride.

According to Dayton Daily News, Amanda was cast in the US and Asia tour of Broadway hit Kinky Boots, before taking up drag in 2021.

Videos and photos from her time at musical theatre college suggest that while she auditioned as a Drag Race contestant, she could just have easily auditioned to be a member of the pit crew.

One video shows Amanda out of drag, wearing a blue top that barely contains her hefty biceps. Her jawline is razor sharp, her blonde hair is styled to a T, and her blue eyes are piercing. Honestly, it’s giving movie star.

A musical theatre reel for the star also proves that Amanda isn’t just a talent in the looks department, either: she’s a real triple threat and a force to be reckoned with on stage, too.

She can sing, dance, act – she’s the whole package. I believe the saying goes: “A lot of people would be scared here.”

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 16 airs on Fridays on MTV in the US and on Saturdays on WOW Presents Plus internationally.

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