Ratched season two is not happening, Sarah Paulson confirms

Sarah Paulson as nurse Mildred Ratched

Sarah Paulson has confirmed that psychological thriller series Ratched will not return for season two.

The Emmy-nominated 2020 series was created by Glee‘s Ryan Murphy and served as a prequel to iconic film One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (based on the Ken Kesey 1962 novel of the same name), giving viewers a glimpse of just how the villainous Nurse Midred Ratched (Paulson) turned out so, for want of a better word, rotted.

Ratched originally received a two-series order from streaming service Netflix, but Paulson herself has confirmed that the show is officially done and dusted.

In a video taken by a fan and posted to X (formerly known as Twitter), Paulson is seen outside the Second Stage Theatre in New York, where the American Horror Story star is currently performing in stage play Appropriate.

“Will we get season two of Ratched?” a fan asked Paulson, to which the actor replied: “No. No.”

The comments of the post (and across X) have erupted with emotion at the announcement, despite more than three years elapsing since season one aired in 2020.

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“I’m sick to my stomach omg……” one fan wrote while another added: “I saw this coming but still hurts.”

Another lamented the original two season order of Ratched, commenting: “If there was never gonna be a season 2 why end it on a Cliffhanger? Early on they made out it was gonna be a long running series smh.”

The cliffhanger ending of season one, which saw Nurse Ratched flee from her serial killer brother because he found out she was planning to euthanise him, only for it to be revealed that he was tracking her down after a three year time jump, was also a sore spot with fans remarking on the cancellation.

“We lost but wtf was all that ending about if they were not planning to make season 2?” one asked.

Another added: “Aw sad, that was a good show that created a good setup for a second season.”

The series co-starred Finn Wittrock (American Horror Story), Cynthia Nixon (And Just Like That), Jon Jon Briones, Charlie Carver (Teen Wolf), Sharon Stone and Judy Davis.

Harriet Harris, Hunter Parrish, Amanda Plummer, Corey Stoll, Sophie Okonedo and Vincent D’Onofrio filled out the cast.

Ratched is available to stream on Netflix.

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