35 thoughts I had watching Drag Race season 16’s Snatch Game: ‘Born to be a TV villain’

    It’s an episode of iconic challenges as RuPaul’s Drag Race season 16’s nine remaining queens turns into eight with a reading challenge and the Snatch Game – and a very emotional lip-sync.

    Last week saw Plasma become an unexpected (no shade) frontrunner, with two individual challenge wins after a Sound of Rusic musical, while Megami fell victim to Mhi’yas Iman Le’Paige’s penguin slide lip-sync tactic and sashayed away.

    The remaining cast of season 16 take on the Snatch Game to varying degrees of success, with one queen’s made-up character getting surprisingly high praise from the judges, the season’s villain battling the season’s mother for a win and a frontrunner faltering for the first time.

    Drama wise, we also get a reveal about Plane’s immunity potion that sends the girls into a spin…

    Here are 35 thoughts I had watch RuPaul’s Drag Race, season 16, episode 8.

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    • Post-lip-sync, it’s such a serve for Mhi’ya to just very calmly say: “I knew I could beat her without flipping.” Talk yo sh*t!
    • Wait I love Mhi’ya this week already! “Morphine, you didn’t even like her.” Gag.
    • There’s a leeeettle bit of tension (stream ‘Tension’ by Kylie Minogue) as Morphine reminds everyone she wanted Plasma’s role (last week’s well deserved winner).
    • It’s the next day in the Werk Room and Morphsterina tells a story about Xunami stealing her mans, to which Plasma tells the room: “Around Xunami no man is safe, but she always is.” That is a PHENOMENAL read given the younger Muse’s six-week safe streak.
    • Reading Challenge time! Q tells Mhi’ya that she’s like if Danny Devito could do flips, which makes me howl. Why is Danny Devito catching all these strays this season?
    • Plane’s read for Q that when people in open relationships see her they become monogomuous is foul.
    • The main challenge is announced as Snatch Game – two-time mini challenge winner Xunami will not be seeing the top I fear.
    • Random, but I wonder if we’re getting a lip-sync lalaparuza this season?
    • I love seeing who all the girls pick, but I love Drag Race UK more, because I actually know the celebrities they choose.
    • I was so ready for Nymphia to say that she’s actually a professional celebrity impersonator.
    • As Tatianna would say: “Choices” r.e. some of these characters; Jane Goodall (Nymphia), Amelia Earhart (Q) and Patti LuPone (obviously Plasma). It’s giving safe, it’s giving boring.
    • Why the f**k has Xunami chosen the ‘gold tooth fairy’? Noah Fence but that character doesn’t exist, so why would she choose her for a celebrity impersonation challenge.
    • Chad Michaels is here! She’s not dead! All Winners 2 pending.
    • Morphine’s Anna Delvey sounds fun! Plane chooses “Serbian pop superstar” Jelena Karleuša, which is random.
    • Dawn saying that Sapphira’s playing the ‘kiss ass game’ is completely irrelevant, in my homosexual opinion, because why would you not kiss Ru’s ass? She’s signing the cheque!
    • Omg, gagged – Plane’s immunity potion only has three more weeks left to use!
    • Snatch Game time – and not to be horny on recap, but these Pit Crew members playing the Snatch Game could blank my blank and then blank my blank.
    • Xunami’s entirely made up character immediately falls flat, even on the first round where Ru is contractually obligated to laugh. Love Sapphira’s James Brown. Plasma’s Patti LuPone is (shockingly) doing too much.
    • Mhi’ya has just completely made up a person. Who is Shaquitta? Isn’t this Snatch Game? What the hell. Is this allowed?
    • Plane’s Jelena is immediately very funny, though it pains me to say it. She calls Morphine an “ugly man”. If I could add the weeping/ crying emoji here, I would.
    • Nymphia could be in trouble, for the first time this season. She’s not making me laugh!
    • Sapphira is so compassionately honest in her letting Xunami know she’s ‘concerned’ about her performance.
    • Honestly, werk to Morphine for asking for Plane for the immunity potion. In classic Plane fashion though, she tells everyone that they’ll be fine, when they truly will not be (Morphine, Nymphia, Xunami). She was born to be a reality TV villain.
    • Plane explains her Russian upbringing, and how it was very homophobic and made her insecure, which explains a lot of things.
    • Runway category is: Dancing Queen, which every queen assigned a dance to do to various levels of success
    • Nymphia’s runway package might be the best we’ve ever seen on a regular season of Drag Race.
    • Plane does not – shockingly – elect to use her immunity potion. Shockingly!
    • I cannot understand how Mhi’ya is in the top. She was just a random person???
    • Howling at Q saying: “What if Mhi’Ya won? I’d sh*t.” Don’t mince your words, girl.
    • I need my winner (Sapphira) to be bestowed with another maxi challenge triumph, please. Alas, Plane snatches the win (deserved).
    • Xunami and Morphine hit the stage to lip sync after Nymphia is declared safe (probably due to that stunosha runway). This lip sync is very cute between Xunami and Morphine. Who else forgot they were besties? I did.
    • Not Xunami ending her six week safe streak by being eliminated? Not even Jan was that safe.
    • There was a distinct possibility for that that would be a double save, though…
    • PSA: if you’ve not watched Untucked, there’s a belter of a Plane Jane moment.

    RuPaul’s Drag Race season 16 continues on Friday on MTV in the US and on Saturday on WOW Presents Plus internationally. You can read last week’s recap here.