Alleged killer of Jesse Baird and Luke Davies ‘won’t speak to police’ or help locate their bodies

Police are now searching a rural property for the bodies of missing TV personality Jesse Baird and his partner Luke Davies. However, the man charged with their murders has kept silent. 

The bodies of Baird, 26, and Davies, 29, have yet to be found nearly a week after blood-stained possessions belonging to the couple were found in a skip bin in the southern Sydney suburb of Cronulla on 21 February. 

New South Wales (NSW) senior constable Beaumont Lamarre-Condon, who once dated Baird, was arrested and charged with two counts of murder after he handed himself into authorities Friday (23 February). 

In a press conference held Monday (26 February), NSW deputy commissioner David Hudson said Lamarre-Condon, 28, is acting on legal advice and hadn’t cooperated with the investigation or or been forthcoming with what happened to the couple – or the location of the bodies. 

He added divers are searching waterholes and dams in a remote property at Bungonia in the hunt for the bodies of Baird, a former Channel Ten presenter, and Qantas flight attendant Davies. 

Authorities are also looking into a theory that the accused allegedly returned to the area after initially dropping off the bodies to hide them, SBS News reported.  

“I can indicate that the accused has not disclosed where Jesse and Luke are, where he has disposed of them,” Hudson said. “But it is our number one priority to locate Jesse and Luke, to give the families some solace.”

Hudon said neighbours reported hearing one or more gunshots at Baird’s Paddington house on Monday last week. 

A bullet case found in Baird’s home matched a work issued handgun Lamarre-Condon signed out of a police gun safe and returned on 20 February. 

Police suspected Lamarre-Condon returned to the property Thursday after buying an angle grinder and weights from a local hardware store. He then allegedly took the bodies in a rented white van to the Bungonia property, around 200 kilometres southwest of Sydney, police said. 

Hudson said Lamarre-Condon travelled with a female acquaintance, who “wasn’t aware the bodies were in the vehicle“. 

He added the acquaintance was left at the property entrance after Lamarre-Condon severed a lock on a gate and drove on without her. Lamarre-Condon returned a short while later, and the pair returned to Sydney. 

Hudson said police were looking into the possibility that Lamarre-Condon returned afterwards and moved the bodies of Jesse Baird and Luke Davies.