These resurfaced steamy pics of Keanu Reeves in a homoerotic play are causing quite a stir

Keanu Reeves (L) and Carl Marotte starred in a homoerotic play in 1984 and wow, just wow. (Instagram)

Keanu Reeves, who can turn water to wine by merely looking at it, was in a homoerotic thriller with Carl Marotte back in 1984 – and steamy photos from the play have recently resurfaced online.

The actor, who shows that by not being homophobic you will never age, starred in Wolfboy as a then unknown actor.

When queer director Brace LaBruce shared old publicity photos of the play on Instagram in 2019, it spurred hundreds to comment how they will be forever grateful to LaBruce for introducing the play into their lives.

“In 1984, a theatrical production of playwright Brad Fraser’s Wolfboy premiered in Toronto co-starring two young unknown actors named Carl Marotte and Keanu Reeves,” LaBruce wrote on his Instagram.

Keanu Reeves starred in a play where he gets into a relationship with a ‘werewolf’.

“My friend John Palmer, who, 20 years later, adapted my hustler short stories from my JDs fanzine for a movie called Sugar, directed the original production.”

After flooding feeds with the old shots, when Reeves was just 19, it prompted hundreds of thankful comments.

The small play was written by Canadian playwright, screenwriter and cultural commentator Brad Fraser.

Telling the story of two boys in a mental institution, it featured one scene where Reeves did push-ups in nothing but “white jocks”.

A Tony-worthy performance, no doubt.

According to a short documentary on the production, Reeves’ character was “an innocent teen who got sucked into a relationship with a deranged boy who believes he is a werewolf”.

The film became a major hit in Tornto’s queer community, with some fans peeling off promotional posters and later flogging them for hundreds of dollars, according to the documentary.

“He was absolutely gorgeous,” the play’s director, John Palmer, said, on his call to cast Reeves.

“He was a knockout. There was an honesty about him.

“He had so much energy that he didn’t know what to do with.”

And a mere four years later, the pictures resurfaced again, this time thanks to a Reddit post. 

Keanu Reeves and Carl Marotte (1984)
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Cue the same, surprised, thirsty comments as before. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose, as they say in France. We look forward to updating this article in 4-5 years time, when people remember about the photos for a third time.

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