Iconic children’s show Bluey makes history with show’s first LGBTQ+ characters

Image on the left shows the Bluey title card, on the right is a scene from recent episode The Sign where Pretzel talks about having two mums

Disney+’s animated preschool show Bluey has joined the likes of Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol as a kids’ show that includes LGBTQ+ characters and topics.

If you have children, you’ve almost definitely seen it, so you can probably skip this information. If you don’t have children: the show chronicles the activities of Bluey, an anthropomorphic six-year-old puppy, who embarks on a variety of activities with her fellow canine buddies in Brisbane.

Having said that, if you’re kid-free, don’t count Bluey out for your next binge-watch – the show does entertain the adults watching, as well as their children.

“The Sign”, is a new, extra-long episode from the third season of Joe Brumm’s show which aired on Sunday (15 April), and is the first to feature queer characters.

The special episode plot synopsis reads: “Bluey, Bingo, Mum, Dad and all their family and friends are getting ready for the ‘wedding event of the year’, in an exciting special bursting with adventure, romance and – emergency toilet stops.”

Each episode is usually around seven minutes, but “The Sign” breaks tradition with its 28-minute runtime. It was an emotional journey where scenes of Bluey moving house left viewers in tears.

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TikToker Aussie Girl Margie, whose account is dedicated to Bluey, offered a helpful explanation as to why this episode, in particular, is particularly relevant to LGBTQ+ viewers. 

Chihuahua Pretzel is revealed to have two lesbian mums. The delivery of this information might be fleeting, but still groundbreaking.

Aussie Girl Margie notes: “Pretzel is talking about his guinea pig running away, he says my mums. He has two mums and that’s the first gay or lesbian or LGBTQ+ couple confirmed in the show.

“I love it! I think it was a nice and organic way to do it. It is a really subtle [moment], that a lot of people will miss.

“It was a natural way to be like some people have two mums and that’s just part of real life.”

Others celebrated the news, and shared tweets that said it is an uplifting notion that queer characters and gay parents are becoming normalised in children’s TV. 

“GAY DOGS IN BLUEY!!!  IM SO GLAD FOR THIS. As a person who lived with his mom and her gf at one point in time, I think this is great” one user shared on X (Twitter).

Naturally, there were also some hateful perspectives on “The Sign”. “This is what happens to ANYTHING Disney touches,” Daily Wire’s Megan Basham furiously posted. “You knew the moment they got involved with Bluey, its purity wasn’t long for this world.”

Previously, Bluey has been praised for how it handles different facets of being a young individual growing up and interacting with parents, siblings and friends. Also, the show doesn’t shy away from darker themes; for instance, Bluey had to confront grief and disappointment when she found a dead bird. 

Bluey had previously been criticised for its lack of diversity, with commenters questioning why the show isn’t “more representative” with gender diverse, queer, disabled, poor, or single-parent dog families.

The inclusion of Pretzel’s lesbian parents is one step forward to making Bluey a more inclusive and representative depiction of the world for children.

Bluey “The Sign” is available now to stream on Disney+.

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