Most popular fetishes in every country in Europe revealed in eye-opening new map

Europe’s most-searched fetishes have been revealed, and some unexpected ones have taken the top spots. 

After PornHub’s list of the most-search terms of 2023 proved an eye-opening read last year, now Kink and fetish platform Clips4Sale has created a map of Europe based on the continent’s most popular fetishes, with ballbusting, wrestling, and tickling all featuring.

Clips4Sale which announced 2023’s fetish of the year to be the ‘giantess’, explained that the ‘giantess’ kink – or ‘macrophilia’, which can describe being turned on by the idea of a giant woman, perhaps who stomps or crushes a person, is now taking off in Europe having previously proved popular in the US. 

As well as ‘giantess’ being the UK’s most popular fetish on the site this year, the platform claimed it was in 10 other European countries’ top five searches. 

‘Ballbusting’, which refers to being turned on by painful acts to the testicles, like hitting or squeezing, was also popular across the continent. Clips4Sale said the genre was the most popular search in five countries, including France, Croatia and Romania.

More commonly known kinks, like ‘feet’ and ‘pegging‘, were also featured in several European countries.

Clips4Sale’s 2024 Fetish Map of Europe shows what gets people going around the continent (Clips4Sale)

The site explained that fetishes vary based on area, and can be influenced by the country’s culture, for example, Germany’s “legendary BDSM scene keeps the faith with bondage searches”.

“In an era of globalization, with broad access to online kink and fetish culture, you might expect a flattening of fetish – kink without borders,” Clips4Sale wrote in a statement.

“But the truth is that the articulation of our sexuality is still very much influenced by the world around us: what we see everyday, what’s culturally prized, and what’s forbidden.”

More of Europe's most searched fetishes

The adult site added: “We’ve learned that European men tend to fantasize about submission nearly twice as much as their North American counterparts, and that interest in fetish changes in reaction to stimuli (for instance, the rise in interest in bimbofication during the lead-up to the Barbie movie). And in the past few years, we’ve seen interest in giantess fetish surge in the United States.”

With ‘giantess’ last year’s most popular kink, 2022’s fetish of the year was named as ‘pegging’, with Clips4Sale describing it as “one of the greatest growth stories in internet history”.