Audience member’s phone floods with Grindr notifications on live TV, and it’s Eurovision history-making

The hilarious moment was caught on live TV. (Eurovision/BBC)

If the Eurovision Song Contest wasn’t already for the gays, this audience member just took it to the next level thanks to their Grindr notifications being caught on live TV. 

During 8 May’s rehearsals for the 68th song contest – which were live-broadcasted, by the way –  co-host Petra Mede borrowed someone’s phone in the crowd to demonstrate the official Eurovision app when a certain dating app got in the way.

Mede, who is co-hosting Eurovision 2024 alongside actor Malin Akerman from Malmö, Sweden, was hilariously interrupted by notifications from the audience member’s Grindr app. Clearly, the person looking for a hook-up wasn’t aware their potential match was on live TV, because messages kept popping off over, and over, and over.

Mede didn’t quite get the memo at first, as fellow audience members started laughing in recognition of that little ping sound they were all too familiar with. 

“I don’t know what that was, but anyway, download this Eurovision app,” Mede said, remaining professional.

She then spoke to the audience member, adding: “I’ll just give you the phone back.”

As the notifications kept going off, Mede joked: “It seems like you’re having a wonderful week here in Malmo.”

The clip quickly went viral online, with the queer community commenting: “Miss Grindr will shame you she dgaf.”

“Crying real tears rn at her ‘oh okay I will just give you the phone back'”, another said. 

Grindr even took to their official socials to react to the Eurovision moment. “We all want to know what those messages said at gayvision,” they captioned the image of parodied Grindr message bubbles, poking fun at the incident.

“Hey handsome”, “You at Eurovision too?”, “Warming up that throat for a duet?”, “I’ll make you sing a high note…”, “Wanna meet in the bathroom?”, they quipped in the messages. 

However, some fans on X (formerly Twitter) took to the social media platform believing the moment was a planned bit. “It was a planned skit. Very funny but not unplanned,” one person wrote.

The Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final is available to watch on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Saturday 11 May at 8 pm GMT in the UK. In Australia, you can watch the final on SBS at 5 am AEST on Sunday 12 May, and later that morning on SBS On Demand.