Christian group launches petition against ‘ugly’ and ‘divisive’ Pride flags in London

LGBTQ+ Pride flags decorate Regent Street for Pride month

Religious organisation Christian Concern has launched a petition to stop what they describe as “ugly” and “divisive” LGBTQ+ flags from going on display in London’s Regent Street for Pride month.

The group, which has previously opposed same-sex marriage and campaigned for the Church of England to withdraw guidance designed to protect trans children from bullying, described Pride flags in London as “offensive” and “completely inappropriate” for the world-famous shopping street.

Pride flags make “everyone who doesn’t support the whole LGBTQ+ agenda feel unwelcome”, the petition, which so far has amassed more than 3,000 signatures, claims.

“They send the message that Christians, and others with historic beliefs about sexuality and gender, are not welcome,” the petition reads. The group particularly objects to the colours of the trans flag being included on the Progress Pride flag.

“Rainbow flags are bad enough. Despite some people claiming they’re inclusive, they really stand for an ‘anything goes’ approach to sexuality. This goes against God’s pattern for our lives and isn’t good for any of us,” the group added.

The petition looks unlikely to gain much traction, with London having hosted LGBTQ+ Pride events since 1972, when around 2,000 people showed up. Now, more than one million people are estimated to celebrate in the UK’s capital each year.

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Pride flags has been erected in Regent Street since 2022. The rows of 100 rainbow flags were first commissioned by the Crown Estate to hang above the street in central London to mark the 50th anniversary of Pride month.

The flags on display contain the newest addition to the Pride design, which contains the intersex Pride symbol, a yellow background with a purple circle, designed by Valentino Vecchietti.

“It’s an LGBTIQA+ flag, it really is a flag for everyone,” Vecchietti told the BBC in 2022. “It’s so inclusive, giving all of our community allyship, that solidarity, that joy of visibility and inclusion in the heart of London. It takes my breath away.”

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