Influencer spends six-figure sum on painful leg-lengthening surgery to be four inches taller

Influencer Yeferson Cossio has splashed out on surgery to get his legs lengthened – to add four inches to his overall height. 

Unhappy with his natural stature of 5ft 8in, Cossio took the drastic decision to medically break his legs to gain height. The surgery, dubbed the world’s most painful operation, cost him approximately $175,000 (about £140,000 at the time).

The Colombian is now 6ft tall, but the procedure came with complications.

Now 30, underwent the surgery last year, during which bones in his legs were broken and magnetic rods implanted, with an external remote-control device used daily to slowly stretch his limbs. It took almost six months for the procedure to be completed. 

‘My legs are pretty but I hate them’

On Instagram and TikTok, Cossio, who has 27 million followers across the two platforms, shared updates on his rehabilitation.

Speaking in Spanish, he said in an Instagram video: “Yes, my legs are pretty but I hate them. I’m self-conscious like almost all human beings with some parts of my body and I have a couple of hundred million pesos to use here to change it.” 

The surgeon reassured him he would be able to exercise and jump as normal following the procedure, but Cossio has confessed to enduring sleepless nights because of the crippling pain. 

Social media users have hit out at his decision, with one saying: “This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.” 

Someone else commented: “Some people are just never happy with themselves.” 

Plastic surgeons estimate the number of men undergoing leg-lengthening surgery has doubled in recent years. 

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