Brand-new Wicked teaser trailer released during Tony Awards has fans hyped: ‘The vocals OMG’

Photo shows Ariana Grande as Glinda The Good Witch floating in a pink bubble wearing a pink dress and holding a wand

A new Wicked teaser trailer dropped during the Tony Awards 2024, and fans are thrilled with new footage and audio.

The new look at the much-anticipated film was shared during the Tony Awards ceremony on 17 June, and on X (formerly Twitter), and it provides some more glimpses and hints at what we can expect from the Wizard of Oz spinoff.

The Tony Awards 2024 played host to a sweet Wicked reunion, as Idina Menzel and Cynthia Erivo took to the stage to present Best Musical, which ultimately went to The Outsiders. Many LGBTQ+ stars also took home awards on the night, including Sarah Paulson and Jonathan Groff.

Wicked: Part One is set to follow unlikely friends Glinda (Ariana Grande) and Elphaba (Cynthia Erivo) as they learn about the magical land of Oz. Idina Menzel played Elphaba in the original 2003 Broadway musical Wicked.

In the new trailer, we’re offered more footage of the film, including the stunning vocal performances. 

For a start, Good Witch Glinda is spinning in a bright pink gown down an all-pink corridor. Later she’s wearing a shining crown and matching wand-like staff that pops the bubble-gum pink bubble that she’s encased in – something we haven’t seen before.

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Meanwhile, a green-skinned Elphaba (the misunderstood Wicked Witch Of The West) is seen donning a witch’s hat, grabbing her broomstick and later flying up the side of a tower with her cape billowing behind her.

There are also a couple of shots that see the pair standing side-by-side, staring up in wonder and watching in awe as a broomstick floats towards Elphaba.

It’s not just a wonder on the eyes, we’re also blessed with some of the immense vocals from Grande and Erivo.

Samples are heard from “Popular”, “Defying Gravity” and of course that iconic high note from Broadway superstar Erivo.

Wicked is based on the musical, which is itself adapted from the original L. Frank Baum children’s novels that first came out in 1900. The original Broadway production won three Tony Awards, and its original cast album received a Grammy Award.

As well as Erivo and Grande, the Wicked cast boasts an impressive, star-studded line-up of A-listers. Jeff Goldblum plays the sinister Wizard and Michelle Yeoh is Madame Morrible.

Alongside them, Jonathan Bailey is Fiyero, Marissa Bode is Nessarose, Bowen Yang is Pfannee, and Keala Settle is Miss Coddle.

Ethan Slater also plays Boq, all eyes will be on Slater and Grande upon the film’s release as the co-stars entered into a controversial romance during filming. 

Wicked-obsessed fans flocked online to share their reactions to the new snippet of footage.

Responding to the new trailer, one user posted: “THE VOCALS OMG”

Another shared: “Now this is how you advertise a movie based off of a musical,” with clapping hand emojis.

The LGBTQ+ themes of Wicked

A shot from the London production of Wicked.

Wicked has long had a loyal LGBTQ+ following and the show does contain some clear LGBTQ+ thematics

In the Broadway narrative, Elphaba is an outcast. She is pushed to the margins of society for her choices in life. 

Her actions are regarded as an allegory for the Pride movement; Elphaba leads a crusade against animal oppression.

Also, the music of Wicked plays into LGBTQ+ thematics. 

For instance, there is the topic of being different and isolated, learning to be “through accepting limits”, and embracing the things that one “cannot change” about oneself.

Also, the connection between Elphaba and Glinda has been the inspiration behind several pieces of sapphic fan fiction.

The Wicked story, director Jon M. Chu, has been divided into two films. The first, Wicked: Part One, is out 29 November 2024.

We’ll have to be patient for the second instalment which will be released on 26 November 2025.

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