Jonathan Bailey suspects he kept ‘poor’ Matt Bomer awake with Wicked dance rehearsals

Jonathan Bailey and Matt Bailey chase each other on a beach in a still from Fellow Travelers.

Jonathan Bailey has confessed that he might not have been the best trailer partner to Matt Bomer while filming Fellow Travelers.

The actor revealed that he filmed the heart-wrenching gay period drama in Toronto while shooting for both Bridgerton and Wicked in London at the same time.

Bailey, who plays Fiyero in the highly anticipated movie-musical slated for Christmas 2024, had to make the most of his time between all three projects, he told People in a new interview.

One week, he says, that involved filming Fellow Travelers in Toronto on a Friday, filming Bridgerton on Saturday, and rehearsing Wicked choreography with co-star Ariana Grande on Sunday.

Jonathan Bailey in a black roll-neck and blazer.
Jonathan Bailey suspects he disturbed Fellow Travelers co-star Matt Bomer with his Wicked dance rehearsals. (Getty)

Unfortunately for his co-star, Matt Bomer, Jonathan Bailey’s “wild” filming schedule meant he was often rehearsing dance numbers for Wicked while hanging around on-set for Fellow Travelers.

“I had an amazing dance coach in Toronto where I was, and we worked on the choreography on Sundays and any days off – not that I had any days off,” Bailey recalled.

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“Poor Matt [Bomer]. We shared a two-way trailer, so whenever I was dancing, I think I was rocking him either awake or to sleep.”

In Fellow Travelers, available to stream now on Paramount+ with Showtime, Bailey and Bomer play forbidden lovers whose romance spans across the darkest periods to exist as a queer person in 20th century America – from the 1950s under Eisenhower to the AIDS crisis of the 1980s.

Heartbreaking, eye-opening, and undeniably horny, Fellow Travelers has been met with rave reviews since it dropped back in October.

Jonathan Bailey (left) and Matt Bomer (right) in a sex scene from Fellow Travelers
Jonathan Bailey filmed Fellow Travelers, Wicked, and Bridgerton at the same time. (Paramount+/Showtime)

Meanwhile, Bailey will return as Anthony Bridgerton in season three of Bridgerton when it drops in summer 2024.

The Netflix drama shot Bailey to household name status when he took center-stage in season two opposite Simone Ashley’s Kate Sharma.

While season three will focus on Anthony’s brother Colin (Luke Newton) and his love interest Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan), both Anthony and Kate will be back as newly-wedded viscount and viscountess.

Finally, Bailey will wrap up 2024 with one of the most highly-anticipated films of the year – Wicked: Part One.

In the movie musical, Bailey stars as love interest Fiyero, opposite Cynthia Erivo’s Elphaba and Ariana Grande’s Glinda.

Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley as Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma in Bridgerton
Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley will return for Bridgerton season three. (Netflix)

The film will also star Michelle Yeoh, Bowen Yang, Ethan Slater, Keala Settle, and Jeff Goldblum.

Bailey said that everyone in the cast is now “completely bonded for life”, describing each member as a “theatre nerd.”

While the actor can’t say much about the film for now, he did tease: “It’s going to blow people’s minds. So get ready. You’ve got a year to prepare.”

Wicked: Part One is set to hit theatres on 27 November, 2024 while Wicked: Part Two is slated for 26 November, 2025.