Man Accused of Cutting the Brakes of Wife’s Gay Lover’s Car

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A man was accused of cutting the brake pipe of the car that was driven by his wife’s lesbian lover, Swansea Crown Court was told yesterday.

Emma Bedford said she discovered that her brakes had failed when she turned onto a steep downhill road in her Ford Escort. It was later found that someone had stuffed potatoes up the car’s exhaust pipe.

Miss Bedford said that she was able to swerve into a side road near her to her home and managed to stop the car by applying the handbrake.

Bryan Bamford, 56, who works in BQ was accused of cutting the pipe with a pair of pliers. The jury was told that he “took it badly” when his wife Karen, started a relationship with Miss Bedford.

Mrs Bamford told the jury her marriage had been “good but it went bad”.

She said, “I formed a relationship with Emma. I met her a month before we split up.

“The split was not amicable. If I saw him in the street he would be nice when he thought we could get back together, but nasty, verbally, when he thought we would not.

“I don’t know for sure who did this, but when it happened he was the only person I was quarrelling with. He never liked Emma from the start and did not say much to her.”

Mr Bramford denies a charge of causing criminal damage with the intent of endangering life.

The case continues.