Gays gain anti-discrimination rights but loose the right to run gay only bars clubs

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The government will today accept an amendment that will outlaw discrimination of gay people in the service industry. Controversially it will also end the end the banning of straight people from gay venues.

Until now, legislation has only banned discrimination of gay and lesbians in terms of employment law but the government has announced that the Equality Bill currently progressing through parliament will tackle discrimination by hotels, pubs, doctors and councils.

The amendment, which will be accepted during the third reading in the Lords today, will also mean that bars and clubs catering to the gay community will no longer be able to turn people away because they are straight.

GP surgeries who refuse to treat patients due to their sexuality and councils that ban gay wedding ceremonies will be breaking the law once the bill comes into effect.

The Equality Bill originally did not outlaw the discrimination in the service sector of people due to their sexuality but the Trade and Industry Secretary, Alan Johnson was forced to accept the change after more than 100 MPs signed an early day motion to extend the provisions to gay people.