Student expelled for being gay

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A student at an American university claims he was expelled from his course after the institution found out that he was gay.

Michael Guinn was a student at the private Christian, John Brown University in Arkansas.

He claims that he was thrown of his course after the university found his internet blog that listed details of his sexuality.

Mr Guinn says that on entering the university, he was required to sign agreement stipulating that he would not dress in women’s clothing, not slap others on the bottom if he was a member of a sports team, not hug or shake hands with other men for too long, not “broadcast” his lifestyle, and not tell other students he was gay until he knew them


“Our belief in grace is intimately linked to our belief in truth, and our student disciplinary process seeks to embody both.” Dr. Charles W. Pollard, president of the university said today. “Unfortunately and regretfully, as we live out those beliefs it is sometimes necessary to ask a student to leave the community. Even in those cases, we offer ways for students to return to the community if they can live by the community standards. We never take those decisions lightly, but we do see them as part of our responsibility.”

The expelled student’s parents both work for the university, his father is an English lecturer and his mother is the campus nurse.