Israeli claims he had internet sex meet with Hughes

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An Israeli engineer has claimed in national newspaper that he had a one night stand with the Liberal Democrats leadership candidate Simon Hughes.

Greg Nesbett, 28, told the Sunday Mirror that he met up with the North Bermondsey and Southwark MP after exchanging messages on a popular gay website.

“It was rapid and businesslike, he made contact with me in the chatroom, came to my house then we got straight into it. ” Mr Nesbet said this morning. “Within an hour, I was having sex with a man twice my age. I was happy when it was over. And it soon was.”

Mr Nessbet claims that he logged onto a chatroom at around 2am one night in the summer of 2002. He soon received messages from a man, then aged 50 seeking active sex.

Mr Nessbet invited him to his one-bedroom Chelsea flat. “I hadn’t bothered to clean the flat for him – we both knew that this wasn’t a date. I was wearing just my tee-shirt and shorts. He was wearing a collared shirt and trousers.

“I immediately recognised him as Simon Hughes because my family has always been interested in politics, but I didn’t say anything, that wasn’t what it was all about. There was no time for a drink or chit-chat. We went straight into my bedroom and took off our own clothes.

“We quickly got down to business. He was very eager and enthusiastic, but he wasn’t a great-looking man -let’s be honest. He had a pronounced pot-belly.

“There wasn’t really any kissing – I didn’t want that. He was business-like, knew what he wanted and he knew what I wanted.” Mr Nessbet told the Sunday Mirror.

Mr Nessbit told reporters that he did not wish to come forward with his story until Mr Hughes had come out as bisexual.

Mr Nessbit said: “I never wanted to do him any damage. I know how hard it is to come out. Lib-Dem voters are not closed-minded – I don’t think this will isolate his constituents.”

A spokesman for the MP told the Sunday Mirror: “Mr Hughes’ private life is a matter that will remain private and we will be making no further comment on his private life.” Comment

We decided to report this story as it had been already featured in a national newspaper and felt that it may have been of interest to readers.

We hope that Mr Nessbet will be the first and last man to come forward describing a sexual encounter with Mr Hughes.

What the Sunday Mirror allege Mr Hughes to have taken part in, is perfectly legal and not dissimilar to the experiences of many gay and bisexual men across Britain.

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