Alderney man accuses island of anti gay persecution

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A businessman has accused the island of Alderney of persecuting him because he is gay.

Adrian Leopard, a chartered accountant and entrepreneur, ran the Longis View Hotel in Alderney, which he said welcomed everybody, including homosexuals. He claims false rumours were spread about him and he was targeted because of his sexuality.

Mr Leopard told the Guernsey Press and Star: “I placed a small advert in the Gay Times saying that it was a gay-friendly venue. Someone connected to the establishment managed to obtain a copy and the gates of hell opened.”

He believes Alderney Tourism didn’t want gay people coming to the island and wrote to him saying that he could not renew his advert in the island’s brochure. He said the sexuality issue was the main reason why Alderney’s establishment wanted to get him and any other reasons tended only to muddy the waters.

The businessman said false rumours that he was involved in child pornography were circulated and an unproved charge of indecent assault which was brought against him was later dropped.

“It was my view that pressure was being applied to the local police to see if there was another way of sorting it. I think one of the problems was that I’m gay and the establishment does not like gay people.”

Mr Leopard was paid damages and costs of a ‘not insignificant figure’ after an internal inquiry conducted by Guernsey Police ruled that the charges had been improperly maintained before the Courts of Alderney.

The police report revealed lapses in their practice, which they claim have since been corrected.